Totally SCAM! What is “Equicex” crypto-prepaid physical Visa card. Yep, we’ve checked!

Any scam that you will find in web or you will meet it face to face — could be assessed in terms of the beauty of the game which each scam project can provide you! Equicex have virtual/physical/black/blue/anonymous or any other miracle Visa card which you want, no problem — they will bring it to you within a few shipping weeks(nope, they not, of course). Later you can think on clear mind how is this shitty shit happened? Well, we will write a little investigation for you guys. Check it out, right now, for free! Hehehe:))

First time you when you visiting Equicex website and tap on “Black Card” page — you can be in shock because of possibilities which is so comfortable with anonymous physical black (pretty looking) Visa card and you starting to read this beautiful advantages with your future prepaid with BTC card — you could even check a video (Yes, they are so cool scammers-hackers! They did a video!) and then you read they official Twitter account (also read comments below their ‘listing altcoins’ posts — usually you can find comment like ‘hey, where is my card, wtf?!’) After all of this nice pics, videos and your high interest in ‘miracle’ anonymous Bitcoin-Fiat VISA card you are ready to buy it now, proceed to order page and first what you didn’t realised yet, why financial company which working with fiat currencies, Visa fiat cards, Bank accounts(yes, this is one more page on their scam-website) can accept payments only with cryptocurrencies? Realised? Because they are scammers. Yep, simple true is always so clear, but we just can’t get it, because of our upcoming expectations.

How about How they could not figured out about this scam? This is simply, listing agreements is so low security level, any “project” can simply and fast add their project into system, proceed a few payment by themselves and upgrade their rate up to 100%, write nice feedbacks on page. And that’s all! Trusted company is ready. Currently Equicex-Scam has 97% rate on coinpayments and that is terrible situation. Unfortunately there are many people who bought scam VISA cards even two times and still didn’t get it. (Why they did this? Two times? Seriously, guys.)

So. Let’s go next, it’s happened, you’ve paid with crypto through coinpayments website and what you will getting from seller? Nothing. Not even one little e-mail for “congratulation and confirmation for order”. Then you will go into web, write in search something like “Equicex scam?” and find out that already more than 20 people have been scammed, they wrote this on bitcointalk ‘official’ topic, reddit page, some russian-speaking forum etc… One more discouraging fact is that many of respected crypto news websites didn’t even figured out that this project is totally scam, and when we read news that DASH cryptocurrency surges in price with extra +12% after it has been added to Equicex project for crypto to fiat convertion by Equicex Visa card — it’s so unforgivable for AMBcrypto, Coinmarketview, Coingape etc.

When you have figured out about situation in which you are right now, you will try to login into your account first and will find out that your account has some new miracle user limits or something.

Then you will try to send e-mail to Equicex scam-support and in replay you can read that your account has been terminated. Nice game. LMFAO:))

In conclusion you can check some “positive” feedbacks on CoinPayments website for Equicex GROUP LTD company and find out that real people never got their purchased cards.

Be more cautious next time if you see super identical testimonials on various websites just as on pics:)

PS. Also if you will try to find Equicex office (Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX — doesn’t exist) or any registration of firm in web — there are no any true info about it, as on Financial Conduct Authority(UK regulatory service) website no results about this firm and on beta website of UK Companies House you can find that this firm have 3 employee (Williams John, Evans Scott, Diacone Claudiu Adrian) without director, not a joke, really:))

Do your own research before you will give your money to someone, read feedback much more carefully and never hurry up, be patient.

Investigation by Bitconsul Cryptoconsalting Team