Update 03.12

Hello everyobody!

When we announce our ICO two days ago, community don’t see it very well so we decided to make an airdrop for our first token (BTC21).

Only 100 people could participate it and 1978 people did also 10 people donate us 0,002 ETH. In the lightning of this, we’re gonne make allocation like: %75 to community which is 15,75 all of this tokens and distribute tokens 100+10 people.

10 people who donate us will get 0,5 BTC21 and 100 people will get 0,1075 BTC21.

In the main time bitcointalk.org moderators removed our thread two times which we don’t know why. We opened thirth threat in here.

You can also join us in telegram and twitter.

Thank you for your interests.

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