How to trade tokens that are not listed on


(Actually, you can trade all Ethereum based Tokens on whether it is listed here or not)

Whether a token is listed of not, you can still trade any ERC20 token on Bitcratic. This guide will help you to trade tokens that are not even “listed” on Bitcratic.!/trade/BCT-ETH

So this will be the exchange when you visit in. I am assuming that you know how to use Bitcratic to do basic trading.

Press the red button.

It will show different kinds of tokens. If there’s no token that you are looking for, choose “Other”

Then it will look like this.

This information is available when you look at tokens. For example, if we are talking about AFRICUNIA BANK TOKEN
Address is ERC Contract: 0x3475b73b0b8c638bb5f8a405e58667e44e9e0501
Decimals are 18

You click “Go” and it should come out like this.

Hopefully, it helps you


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Bitcratic is a Decentralized Ethereum Exchange for ERC20 Tokens

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