How to use Bitcratic- Step-By-Step Guide

Bitcratic is a decentralized exchange for ERC20 tokens, where majority of the operation being handled on the Blockchain. Bitcratic will allow users to remain owner of their token and trade directly and anonymously. This guide will help you to use Bitcratic in a seamless manner.

How to open account on Bitcratic?

Click on the account section at the top right corner of the Bitcratic, after that click on new account. You will get your Ethereum wallet, shows public and private keys. Keep your private key in safe place.

How to deposit fund on Bitcratic?

· Open your Ethereum wallet and choose send.

· Enter the amount that you want to deposit to exchange Smart contract.

· Wait for a while, until the confirmation of deposit.

How to buy tokens?

· Pick the token which you wish to buy from the drop down menu

· Click on deposit tab in the balance window

· Make sure that you are working with the right token. Enter the amount of Ethereum to put into the contract and click deposit. Don’t spend your all amount; keep some amount for gas fee.

· Make sure that your funds are in Bitcratic column. You are ready to buy.

· This is the easiest way to buy from the order book window. The red listings are current offers for sale, green are buy orders, and the most expensive are at the top.

· To buy start from the cheapest sale nearest at the bottom of the red list that suits you best.

· A pop up will appear on the screen with all details. Click buy and your deal is done.

How to sell tokens?

Use the Deposit window to move assets from your Ethereum wallet into a smart contract, then click a buy order (in green, with the best offers at the top) in the Order Book or create a personalized sale in the New Order window.

How to withdraw token?

· Pick the token from the drop down list that you want to withdraw.

· Click on Withdraw tab in the balance section.

· Make sure that you are working with right balance, then enter the amount of asset that you wish to withdraw from the contract.

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