Trade any Token on Bitcratic to get 200 BCT Token

Mar 12 · 1 min read

All you have to do is
Trade any Token (Buy/Sell) worth 0.5 ETH to get 200 BCT Token
You can trade on Multiple Token; each token trade is eligible for 200 BCT
Campaign Duration — 12th Mar to 30th Mar 2020
No need to fill form, we will send BCT to wallet used to Trade

Bitcratic is one the fastest growing Decentralized exchange currently ranking on number 7th position as per Etherscan Dex Tracker.
All transactions are done through Smart contract on ethereum Blockchain. You don’t need to Register/Login to Trade on Bitcratic. You can just use Meta Mask, MEW, Ledger Nano to trade.
Help us to grow faster; we will make sure you get good benefits for helping us

Bitcratic is Listed on
CoinGecko, CoinCodex, Coinpaprika, CoinRanking, CoinMarketCap, CMC, Blockfolio, Superdapp, Dapp, DappRadar, StateoftheDapp and Many more.

Connect with Bitcratic:
Telegram Group:
Facebook Group:

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