How to see your “BET” Token (NEW)

update 26.07


Copy address contract: 0x8aA33A7899FCC8eA5fBe6A608A109c3893A1B8b2

copy new address

Remove the old “BET” token!

remove the old “BET” token

Click “add Custom token”

add new token

1. 0x8aA33A7899FCC8eA5fBe6A608A109c3893A1B8b2
2. Token Symbol: BET
3. Decimals: 18
4. Click “Save

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Mist (ethereum wallet)

click ‘contracts”

Remove the old “BET” token!

Click ‘Watch token’

Past contract information:
1. address: 0x8aA33A7899FCC8eA5fBe6A608A109c3893A1B8b
2. Name: BET
3. Symbol: BET
4. Decimals: 18

and click “OK”

Enter the information and click OK



  1. Click ‘TOKENS’
  2. 2. Click + (add)
Click TOKENS and +

Past information about contract:

  1. address: 0x8aA33A7899FCC8eA5fBe6A608A109c3893A1B8b2
  2. Enter a new Token Symbol name — “BET (new)”, so that there should be no misunderstanding with the old one.
  3. Decimals: 18
  4. Click Add
Enter the information and click Add


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