Before the emergence of blockchain technology, the Internet was mainly used for solving the transmission and storage of information. Later, with the maturity of blockchain technology and the implementation of related applications, the transfer of value has become relatively simple and convenient. More and more people expect to process funds as easily as they are now processing information. Therefore, the Internet of Value gradually becoming the form of the future development of the Internet.

However, the Internet of Value still needs to solve the following problems: How to manage the massive transaction data information well? How to verify the identity…

  1. A new generation of distributed DNS system based on blockchain uses smart contracts in the public chain for storing domain name information. BitDNS domain name system doesn’t give any language barrier for choosing domains and users are completely free in their domain names choices.
  2. The domain name operates through the blockchain wallet, and its security, privacy, and ownership are completely safe and decentralized.
  3. BitDNS domain names are compatively better and more optimized rather than the traditional Internet and all traditional websites and PC/APP applications.
  4. Can be used as a VPN and users can freely visit any website in the browser…

The Beta version of BitDNS domain name system has been launched

The first DApp in the BitDNS ecosystem, domain name system’s beta version, was officially launched on January 16th, 2021. Now you have the chance to obtain your own unique Domain name.

Buy domain name worth 100$ and get 20$ staken worth of DNS.

Domain names can be purchased DNS payment and USDT payment.

Download the app via the link below and get your unıque domaın:

Currently the app can be just downloaded on Android .

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Amazon’s AWS technical failure gave a bad effect to most of the internet users. Tokyo Stock Exchange’s technical failures prevented a lot of users from trading; Facebook leakage millions of user’s data and Marriott Hotel Group leakage data of 30 million European residents is another great example of the shortcomings of centralized internet platforms. The shortcomings in centralized data management gradually caused many users to have distrust, and it also encourages more responsible practitioners and institutions to use the latest technology to defend the privacy of users’ information and data

From the above examples, it is not difficult to find…

The first DAPP (blockchain domain name products) in the BitDNS ecosystem launches its testing

On January 16, 2021, the first DAPP (blockchain domain name products) in the BitDNS ecosystem launches its network testing.

Since the establishment of the project, BitDNS’s products have passed many tests, optimizations, and iterative upgrades. In this test, an invitation system will be available and the number of places for users is limited. Here, BitDNS would like to express thanks to all developers, community members, and participants for their support.

When the testing will be open, we will simultaneously hold a transaction or mining activity. The specific mining rules will be announced after the launch.

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MXC AMA Recapitulation- BitDNS (DNS)

Guest: Karen New , BitDNS CEO

Host: Maffie


Hi everyone, I am BitDNS CEO Karen New. She was a technoloprenuer for 20 years, before embarking on the Blockchain technology in 2016. In the last few years, she provides strategy guidance to various blockchain projects and is well verse in smart contracts, tokenomics and dapps. She is honoured to be involved by MXC matcha overseas community to share some knowledge about BitDNS.

At present, our team is relatively mature, including:

CTO Kingsley Low with more than 20 years of development experience supply chain field. …

DNS was listed on the biggest crypto analysis data platforms — Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko.

On January 7th, 2021, BitDNS token DNS has been officially listed by the world’s well-known encrypted data analysis platforms Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko. Users can now track DNS price, 24-hour trading volume, market trend chart and other data.

The DNS was recognized by Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko because of BitDNS’s ecological value and the big influence brought by the global market.

Consensus Lab and Jackdaw Capital announce about their investment in blockchain domain name project BitDNS

On January 5th, 2021, the blockchain domain name project BitDNS announced that it has received investment from Consensus Lab and Jackdaw Capital.

BitDNS is committed to build a decentralized cloud computing platform which uses the Dweb 4.0 technology for core infrastructure. BitDNS aims to build a pure decentralized network ecosystem. In the near future, BitDNS services based on decentralized cloud computing platform includes: elastic computing, edge computing, distributed AI computing, distributed application components (database, storage, CDN, streaming media, microservices, messaging services, etc.). …

DNS gets listed on MXC, BitTok, BTCMAX and Btex exchanges

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We are very honored to announce about the strategic investment of. CollinStar Capital in BitDNS.

Both parties will cooperate in the field of decentralized infrastructure, technology research market expansion and decentralized domain names.

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BitDNS official

BITDNS, Connecting information between the Internet and the value of Super block chain hub

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