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Have you ever realised how important your long-term goals are? Saving money in a systematic manner is very important and hence we introduced Bitdroplet in November 2019.

After providing users an option to do SIP in Bitcoin and Ethereum we are now excited to announce the launch of SIP in tokenized Gold and Silver by doing partnership with Oropocket!

Bitdroplet is a platform that allows you to create long-term monetary goals for yourself and start saving for them by investing in cryptocurrencies in small amounts at regular intervals. …

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Scams and frauds are common occurrences when it comes to trading and investments. The much talked about case of Ketan Parekh is a good example to learn about the violation of trading rules and its serious results.

Ketan Parekh is a former stocks broker from Mumbai, who was found guilty of his involvement in the Indian stock market manipulation scam in the year 2008. Claims were such that Parekh allegedly rigged prices of certain chosen securities (referred to as K-10 stocks), using large sums of money borrowed from banks including the Madhavpura Mercantile Co-operative Bank which was his entity. …

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Hi this is Kaushik from Hyderabad. I am the kind of person who loves to spend a lot of time on the internet. One day while I was going through my social media I found an article on cryptocurrency. I found it very interesting so in my free time, I started researching crypto. I was the kind of person who always wanted to be in limelight and I always wanted to do something different and interesting in my life. I felt investing in crypto was so fascinating so I decided to invest in it.

I started gathering all the knowledge required to invest in crypto but then came the real problem, investment. I am from a typical Indian middle-class family and my family was not ready to invest in a risky business. I didn’t stop there. I started doing freelancing and online internships which helped me, make a few bucks. …

Dear users,

We are thrilled to be announcing a long list of winners from a few contests this week. Check to see if you made it:

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Since you are on Bitdroplet, we know for a fact that you are a smart investor. Now it’s time for you to live a routine as smart as you, with a ‘Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2’ Smart Watch! But here’s a catch: you have to earn it.

Here’s how you can claim Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

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All you have to do is sign up on Bitdroplet and refer Bitdroplet to as many people as you can. That’s all it takes. Sign up and get a chance to win Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Offer Date :This amazing offer from Bitdroplet Starts on 24th July 2020 1200 AM IST.

How to win the watch

For Existing Users…

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Need motivation to get through the week? One thing you could do is check your Bitdroplet dashboard and see those green indicators stealing the show. Well that was for you. Our side of the story of what we did for Bitdroplet, and for you, is this:

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I am Vaibhav Arya, a.k.a serial rekter since the 2018 bull run. I started investing around 2014 but soon after the bull run, I got overestimated the opportunity and lost nearly 98% of my portfolio in a year. After Zebpay’s shut its shop, I logged in to my old Bitbns account and started trading there.

Fast forward, when Bitdroplet was launched, I was a bit skeptical about it but I was curious how it works so I started investing a small amount with it. But as you can see in the screenshot initially I suffered minor losses on Bitdroplet, but this time I was too cautious so I read a little about how Bitdroplet, and I found that it works on DCA. I then read about DCA and came to know how Bitdroplet eventually churns out gains by purchasing small amounts of bitcoin during downtrends. …

Hey all! Here’s a great new thing that we have come up with. Apart from Bitdroplet being the best option for you to invest in Bitcoin in smaller amounts on a regular basis and avoid the risks, there’s also another way to earn a little extra.

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We have recently launched Bitdroplet Widget and all you have to do is install the widget on your blogs or websites and refer people. When you do refer, you will earn 0.3% of the invested amount of the referees.

Installation Procedure

  • Install & Activate Bitdroplet SIP Plugin
  • Go to the Widgets section under Appearance Tab, then drag & drop Bitdroplet SIP widget to either Sidebar section, footer section or wherever you want to show this widget. …

This New Year, safeguard your computer from harmful viruses. It’s high time you gift your computer a solid antivirus software. Keep your computer safe and your memories, too. If you think antivirus softwares are expensive, you are right. They are. Safety comes at a price, after all. But what if we tell you that you can get Norton Antivirus software for free?

Here’s how you can claim Norton Antivirus software

All you have to do is sign up on Bitdroplet. That’s all it takes. Sign up and get 1 year free subscription of Norton Antivirus software.

Offer Date

This amazing offer from Bitdroplet ends on 31 December 2019.

Hey there,

We can hear the jingle bells already. Can you? Let’s end this year with a sweet contest with the sweetest rewards.

‘The Jingle Drops’ contest is here for the Christmas. Just create a daily goal on Bitdroplet, invest at least 1 USDT every day, for the next 10 days, and if Santa likes your dedication, he will drop 20 USDT in your wallet for your Christmas gift. He really wants you to, not just win the contest, but also take a step towards financial freedom.

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But wait. Santa needs a little more favour from you. He wants you to complete all the tasks listed here. And oh, he just told us about the contest details. …



With Droplet, invest a fixed amount of money in Bitcoin in automated, regular intervals through Systematic Purchase Plan (SPP)

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