Chef Bytes — Anshul Narula

A candid interview series with the people behind those scrumptious dishes at Bite Club

Chef Anshul Narula preparing one of his signature dishes

Ingredients: A passionate soul, talent to cook global cuisine and magic in hands.

Procedure: Blend them all together and VOILA! We present to you our star chef, Anshul Narula.

Having served more than 1500 meals at Bite Club, he continues to win hearts of hundreds of happy customers. Let’s get to know this Kitchen Ninja a little better.

Tell us about yourself and what got you started into cooking?

It started way back when I was still a kid and loved to bake cakes. So, after completing my studies, I wanted to follow my passion rather than tread the same old conventional path which lead me to Thames Valley University, London, where I graduated in Hotel Management. Since then it has been 7 years and my love for cooking for people has. I can cook a variety of cuisines and specialize in Continental, European and Mexican. Cooking is my passion and something I hold very close to my heart.

What does cooking mean to you?

For me, cooking means putting myself on the plate in front of the customers. I personally cook everything I serve.

Do you enjoy cooking for Bite Club? Why?

Absolutely. The fact that the food is completely home-styled and you can eat it daily is great. I eagerly wait for the feedback and reviews from our customers and read every single one of them every evening. The good reviews make me very happy and the few bad ones help me improve and understand my customers better.

Chef Anshul Narula plating the Bite Club favourite Chicken Steak in Red Wine Sauce

Your weakness in food?

Definitely, desserts. Especially, Jalebi and Rabri. *with a broad smile*

Which chef do you idolize?

Gordon Ramsay

The best compliment you’ve received for your cooking?

While I was working in London, I tried my hand at Indian Lamb Curry and when my Supervisor tasted it, he liked it so much that he added it to our permanent menu. That was one of the many great appreciations that I have received, but this one stands out.

Given an infinite budget, where would you dine at?

At a beach. Great food. And a chilled beer. :D

Which cuisine do you want to learn?

There are so many cuisines and sub-cuisines that I would like to master. However, Persian will be the first one on my list.

Who is a better cook? Your wife or mother?

Me. *with his wife Harjeet in full accord*

One bad and one good food habit?

I tend to eat very less because I don’t feel like eating much as I am cooking all day. However, I try and eat on time and not skip meals.

Which is the weirdest dish you have tried?

I have tried a lot of unconventional stuff, like frog legs and baby squids.

A quick and easy recipe or tip that you’d like to share with us and our customers.

A quick yet important tip would be : Don’t pack food while it’s still piping hot. After cooking, keep the food at Ambient temperature for a while before you pack it.

Have you tried other chefs on Bite Club? Any favorites?

Yes, I really like Chef Smita Sabharwal’s Biryani and Chef Simar’s Triple Chocolate Brownie.

Future aspirations?

I have launched a takeaway joint OTG Station a couple of months back and aspire to have a chain of dine-in restaurants in India and beyond.

Come on foodies! Pour in your comments and feedback for he treats them with utmost regard and we promise to serve you his mouth-watering meals.

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