15 Famous Quotes We Should Know about Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is entering public awareness, everyone know something about it, and have their own opinion of the brave new species, regardless of whether they are experts in technology or crypto field. Nowadays, we know the importance of public opinion especially the experts’ opinion.

As such, we have complied 16 famous quotes about cryptocurrency, which provide a detailed insight into how different people across industries and the public sphere view bitcoin.

  1. “I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed is a reliable e-cash.” — Professor Milton Friedman
    Milton Friedman was an American economist who received the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his research on consumption analysis, monetary history and theory and the complexity of stabilization policy.
  2. “But all those who used their knowledge in a bid to enact social change saw cryptography as a tool to enhance individual privacy and to shift power from big, central institutions to the human beings who live in their orbit.” — Paul Vigna
    Paul Vigna is co-author, along with Michael Casey, of the upcoming book “The Age of Cryptocurrency.”
  3. “Stay away from it. It’s a mirage, basically” — Warren Buffet
  4. “If you care about liberty, the nonaggression principle, or economic freedom in general you should do everything you can to use Bitcoin as often as possible in your daily life.” — Roger Ver aka “Bitcoin Jesus” Voluntaryist
  5. “Bitcoin is a very exciting development, it might lead to a world currency. I think over the next decade it will grow to become one of the most important ways to pay for things and transfer assets.” — Kim Dotcom
    Kim Dotcom, is a German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur and political activist who resides in Queenstown, New Zealand.He first rose to fame in Germany in the 1990s as an Internet entrepreneur.
  6. “We don’t really know how this coin is created. You can’t have a functional money without a basic transparency. Unless you are addicted to volatile trading for the sake of trading, stay away from the Bitcoin. Thankfully its plunge will be a salutary caution to most folks.” — Steve Forbes
  7. “Bitcoin is the beginning of something great: a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative.” — Nassim Taleb
    Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a Lebanese–American essayist, scholar, statistician, former trader, and risk analyst, whose work focuses on problems of randomness, probability, and uncertainty.
  8. “So my view’s quite clear. I believe cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the first example, I believe they’re going to change the world.” — Richard Brown
    Richard Allen Brown is an American attorney and politician from the state of New York. He is the current Queens County District Attorney, and has been in office since 1991. Prior to becoming district attorney, Brown served as a member of the New York Judiciary for 18 years, holding various local judicial offices. Brown is the longest serving district attorney in New York City.
  9. “Bitcoin gives us, for the first time, a way for one Internet user to transfer a unique piece of digital property to another Internet user, such that the transfer is guaranteed to be safe and secure, everyone knows that the transfer has taken place, and nobody can challenge the legitimacy of the transfer. The consequences of this breakthrough are hard to overstate.” — Marc Andreesen
    Marc Lowell Andreessen is an American entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer. He is the co-author of Mosaic, the first widely used Web browser; co-founder of Netscape; and co-founder and general partner of Silicon Valleyventure capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.
  10. “Bitcoin is just one example of something that uses a blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are just one example of decentralized technologies. And now that the Internet is big enough and diverse enough, I think we will see different flavors of decentralized technologies and blockchains. I think decentralized networks will be the next huge wave in technology. The blockchain allows our smart devices to speak to each other better and faster.” — Melanie Swan
    Melanie Swan, Bestselling Author, Technology Futurist, and Academic Researcher. The author of the O’Reilly book Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy, and founder of the Institute for Blockchain Studies and DIYgenomics.
  11. “If you guys want proof Bitcoin is real, send them to me, I’ll cash them out and feed homeless people.” — Jason King
  12. “Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.” — Marc Kenigsberg
  13. “Bitcoin is the currency of resistance.” — Max Keiser
  14. “It was the amateurs of cryptology who created the species. The professionals, who almost certainly surpassed them in cryptanalytic expertise, concentrated on down-to-earth problems of the systems that were then in use but are now outdated. The amateurs, unfettered to those realities, soared into the empyrean of theory.” — David Kahn
  15. “You can’t stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust” — John McAfee