I was watching the new TV show Humans the other day and in it, an older android model starts to lose its memory — not completely missing, but deteriorating, like in people with Alzheimer’s.

In computers (and, therefore, androids), data either is or is not there. There is no “deterioration”…

On May 28th — 29th, 2015, Google gave the world another Google I/O. We were presented with a few novelties, and some of the things I’ve seen make me worried for the safety of humanity. This is a rant about those things, AI, and Google in general.

Those who know…

From http://bistro-la-rose.com/galerija.html

The why

Yesterday was my birthday. As I sat in this relatively new slightly French-y restaurant enjoying the hell out of some duck breast with cranberry, prosecco and barrique vinegar sauce, with gnocchi sauteed in walnuts, I thought to myself: “Holy shit.This is the best meal I've ever tasted. …

Bruno Skvorc

Auditor and smart contract developer at Audithor.io, tech writer at Status.im and Bitfalls.com, owner of Coinvendor.io, organizer of Blockconf.io

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