BitFence: MVP Beta Program is Launched

Proof-of-threat Hacker Mining

BitFence is pleased to announce that MVP is ready for testing and StingMiner is available for download ahead of the schedule!

Before we start shipping StingMiners with integrated mining software we want to run several distributed testing rounds, bugs to be found, and we want to fix them :)

We are looking for patient testers / early adopters who are brave enough to start mining hackers before everyone else. You need to have your own Raspberry PI and be able to burn SD card image from the download we will provide.

To participate in program, please fill out this form:

For those who are technically inclined and cant wait, Beta 16GB SD Card image for RaspberryPI is available for download here:

And super early UI to see your registered miners and submitted “shares” from them:

To be able to see your miners working in this preview UI, you need to access it from same external IP address, your miner is sitting on.

In a several days, manual provisioning of miners will be added.

Thank you!!!