Awair in smart home,

Part 1

In May 2015, we launched Awair, a smart air monitoring device first of it’s kind. In the great race to build the best smart home platform, we’re here doing something else. We’re a startup who wants to fit into an automation loop and be your device for all things air. If you’re just learning about Awair right now, we’re a smart air monitor that “sniffs” indoor air for dust, volatile organic compounds, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide.

Too much or too little of any given element drastically affects your mental and physical health. When something is wrong, we alert you through the device and via an app so you can learn what’s going on, read tips and take action to solve the problem. If you have other smart home devices, Awair will work with them to maintain healthy indoor air quality automatically.

The concept of “healthy air” is still new to most people. By now, it’s common knowledge that certain foods are better for you than others, that exercising is a good thing for your body and mind and even that sitting all day at your office job wreaks havoc on your health. Despite our society being hyper-focused on health and wellness, we’re skipping over indoor air quality entirely. Bad indoor air quality has always been an issue, but with the green building movement kicking into full force, buildings are starting to get closed off to the outside. This is great for conserving energy, but terrible for the people inside who now have to breathe stale, toxic, unclean air and deal with the side effects. That’s where we step in.

Awair is designed to be your smart air device champion. When crafting Awair, we kept the user in mind. Each unit is made of high-quality Walnut timber which is stained with natural oils instead of harsh chemicals. Looking similar to a speaker because of its small shape and porous front, Awair seamlessly blends into your home or office decor. (The last thing we wanted was Awair to stick out and feel too “techy”.) Awair sits on your shelf, bedside table — wherever — and is powered by a cord to the wall and uses less than .05kWh per month. (Don’t worry — our multi-country power plugs support most countries worldwide). It uses Wifi and bluetooth to communicate its findings to our app, which is designed to be uber user friendly and can be used anywhere to always keep an eye on what happening with your indoor air.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series!