Ethermine Stratum Security Upgrade

The current version of the Ethereum Stratum protocol neither supports encryption nor proper server authentication. This fact makes the protocol vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle attacks that allow an adversary to redirect the hashrate of a miner to his own stratum server. The occurrence of such attacks in the wild is well known since quite some time (e.g.

In order to mitigate such attacks and make Ethereum mining more secure we have collaborated together with the developers of the most used Ethereum mining clients to enable mining via an encrypted and authenticated Stratum SSL connection.

We have rolled out support for encrypted Stratum mining to all our mining servers. In order to connect you can use the following URLs:

  • EU Server:
  • US-EAST Server:
  • US-WEST Server:
  • ASIA Server:

In order to mine via SSL you also have to upgrade your local mining software to at least the following versions:

Please check the relevant mining software guides on the proper connection parameters for SSL enabled mining.