Ain’t Too Dumb to Doubt
David Campbell

Fear. Also, was thinking about your mention of fear. I’m not much good about fears, I tend not to think of worries in terms of fear, but many folk do, perhaps you among them. I’m too logical in this regard, I can reason through them, figure out what’s the worst case and next-to-worst case and how bad are those really? and they don’t become fears for me, just things to look out for and handle when they arise. I also know that I’m not most folk in this regard, and fears, even fears with little or no downside can become debilitating at times for some. I’ve seen it happen.

I think you just need to know yourself well enough, regarding fear itself, and go from there. If you can logically reason through your fears, more power to you. If you can’t do so, but you can power on through them, even more power to you. If your fears can become debilitating, well I suspect you might be well advised to manage your life in such a way as to avoid having to deal with such fears, even if it means not pursuing a dream.

You’ve made it this far, so I suspect your fears can be managed without debilitation. Keep it up!

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