Bitfract, powered by ShapeShift, launches the first tool to exchange one crypto for multiple at once.

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March 2018 (Austin, Texas): Meet Bitfract, the easiest way to design and invest in a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Launching April 1st, Bitfract Beta enables investors to trade either Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin for up to 62 different coins in a single transaction. Up until now, the process to construct a diversified portfolio required traders to sign up for multiple exchanges for specific coins, manually calculate allocations, and then execute transactions individually. This time-consuming process is complex, error-prone, and expensive. …

Whether you’re a professional trader or have yet to take the plunge, we’re pleased to introduce you to Bitfract, the first tool enabling users to exchange a single cryptocurrency for up to 62 other cryptocurrencies at once.

Get a sneak preview of Bitfract’s interface and reserve beta access here:

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Bitfract is based on the most fundamental risk-management strategy: diversification. In a risky and volatile, yet potentially disruptive market such as cryptocurrencies, it’s especially wise for traders to spread their bets across a variety of investments. …

Bitfract | Exchange One Cryptocurrency For Multiple

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