Will the next generation internet be built on blockchain technology?

Bit Ghosted

As a society we have always longed for free flowing and uncensored information but current web protocols are only a facade for these ideals. We are constantly being censored, redirected and shown information that the rich and powerful want us to see in order to mold our collective decision making. This is extremely evident in our current political environment. Just take a typical news organization for example; conservative media wants us to believe the liberal media is fake and liberal media makes conservative media out to be our enemy by selectively showing us information that backs their own political arguments.

What if there was an alternative?

If we could collectively come up with a method to cultivate and disseminate information that was neither censored nor leaning toward any political ideology we could start to form our own opinions and truly come to a societal consensus based purely on all information being available to us.

What if governments and elections were truly based on consensus?

If you look at and analyze any democratic government across the globe you will almost consistently see major flaws in their implementations. Many of these flaws result from the natural human desire for greed and power. As leaders are elected, they are naturally able to exercise influence over decision making and in parallel as long as there is abundant corporate greed across our capitalistic societies these decision making capabilities will be bought. The only solution to this is to completely isolate decision making from money.

Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies.

The majority of cryptocurrencies are built using a decentralized data structure commonly known as a blockchain that is decentrally stored, cultivated and verified to be a perfect representation of consensus based decision making. Decentralized governance and decision making protocols are being built directly on top of these blockchains so decisions are recorded publicly and transparently for all to see. Take Ubiq for example (see https://ubiqsmart.com/escher); they are using an on-chain token based voting system to allow their community to directly take part in the direction of project development.

The next generation of web protocols will be built completely based on these consensus based ideals. The Elastos Project ( https://www.elastos.org) is building a decentralized node based protocol to manage consensus based digital assets. Imagine not having to worry about digital assets being pirated and all uses of these assets being recorded on a public ledger of information. Another example is The Ether-1 Project (https://ether1.org). This group has built an entirely decentralized content and website hosting network on top of a blockchain using an IPFS (https://ipfs.io) based file sharing protocol. They are similarly using a node network to host and deliver all of this content while recording and tracking everything on a blockchain based database using smart contracts making all of this content immutable and uncensorable.

These are only a few examples of the decentralized technologies that are being built to support freer flowing uncensored information but the future is bright if this is what we can all look forward to. Just imagine a future where you could consume purely fact based news that wasn’t being pushed on you and that news didn’t pit either side of our societies against each other. I for one am optimistic and hope development of these ideas continues!

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