Why We Need to Actually Listen to MPs Like Jess Phillips
Dewi Asianab

Dewi, I think your efforts towards healing the rifts in Labour have been tremendous and I commend you for them. However, I do think you’ve given Jess Phillips an easy ride here and I’m not sure that that will help matters. I agree she may have had a genuine grievance about the mayoral nominations, but that doesn’t mean the manner of her expressing it wasn’t weaponising a feminist issue. It seems inconsistent to me to say (rightly imo) of Corbyn supporters they can’t excuse him when he doesn’t do enough on certain issues just because he’s your man, but then ignore Philips absolute silence over Owen Smith’s various misogynistic comments. There’s an inconsistency of approach which made her comments look tactically motivated. You can’t, I don’t think, demand that Corbyn supporters recognise her genuine grievance at Corbyn and not recognise their genuine grievance at her.

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