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As one of the more innovative gold investments platforms, BitGold is quickly gaining popularity because of the many benefits that come along with being able to almost instantaneously draw upon the massive bargaining power of gold bullion. In fact, investors who are daily becoming members of have written honest BitGold reviews (For more info that explain what it is they like about buying gold in this novel manner without spending inordinate amounts of money just getting in on the ground floor of gold investing.

What they will tell you is that BitGold works in a way so unlike other investment platforms that they wished they had found something like this in the past. If they had, they wouldn’t have procrastinated so long. So what does BitGold have that other gold investment strategies don’t have? First you need to understand how BitGold works.

BitGold Is So Much More than Just an Investment Platform

Yes, when you buy gold bullion from you are buying into the amazingly safe haven of gold investment. However, that is where the similarity ends. BitGold doesn’t require any minimum purchases so that gold can be accessible to anyone, no matter how much or how little money they have to invest. So, while BitGold is an investment strategy it is also a savings account. You can accumulate gold in small increments over time while you build up your portfolio. Whether you have a few hundred dollars to invest or two hundred thousand dollars, you can become the proud owner of gold bullion in just a few moments.

Choosing Your Currency

BitGold suggests that you read through the site in order to gain a better understanding of just what BitGold is. Once you have a handle on how BitGold works you simply need to choose the denomination you wish to deal in which includes:

  • USD — United States Dollar
  • JPY — Japanese Yen
  • EUR — Euro
  • CAD — Canadian Dollar
  • GAU — Gold Gram
  • GBP — Great British Pound
  • INR — Indian Rupee
  • BRL — Brazilian Real
  • SGD — Singapore Dollar

And, that’s just to name a few of the major and/or better known and more stable global currencies. Then there are other currencies from the continents of Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. It’s always good to remember that not all countries on the continent of Europe entered into the European agreement and not all countries in the Americas are the United States, Canada or Brazil in South America. BitGold makes it easy to buy, sell or save gold bullion and that is perhaps one of the most commonly mentioned aspects of this platform in a BitGold review (Check out the one on Bitcoin Magazine:

How to Make a Purchase

The first thing you are asked to do is set up an online account with BitGold. Here you needn’t worry about any personal or sensitive financial information being ‘leaked’ or ‘hacked’ because BitGold only utilizes military grade encryption for their website and all transactions being made on Once the account is set up, you can go on to choose how much gold you’d like to buy. You can make your purchase by using a credit or debit card, a wire transfer from your bank, through Canadian INTERAC or through China Union Pay.

Save, Sell or Send BitGold

Here what you do with your gold is determined by what you intend to do with it. Are you looking for an investment strategy where you hope to accumulate gold bullion so that as gold gains in value your investment grows or are you looking for a safe savings account? By keeping in mind that gold will always have value, even when currencies fail, you are now saving a global currency that will not fail.

Do you want to use the GoldMoney BitGold Prepaid MasterCard to make local and online purchases drawn against gold you have redeemed and placed on the card within 1% of the going spot rate of gold on the market? You can even send gold to other members via a quick transfer process so there are so many ways you can call upon that gold of yours sitting in a fully insured and safe Brinks vault.

Storing Your Gold

This leads us to where you will be storing your gold. BitGold has contracted with Brinks to store your gold in one of their ultra-safe, state-of-the-art storage facilities located in one of five cities. Once you have purchased gold, BitGold immediately transfers ‘title’ of that amount to you, no matter which vault it will be stored at. All locations are secured by globally renowned Brinks and fully insured. The benefit here? You will never accrue the extra costs of storing and insuring your gold because that is part of the package offered by BitGold.

Using the GoldMoney BitGold Prepaid MasterCard

When spending or paying bills against your gold, you can load your card in one of three currencies which include the USD, GBP or the Euro. With its MasterCard logo you can use the card in the same way you would use any other major credit card, the difference being that your card is backed by gold, not your national currency. Whether you want to go shopping at the mall or pay a bill online, you can use your card in the same way, subject to the amount of gold you have stored in your vault.

Innovation at Its Best

Investing in BitGold gold bullion offers so many more choices than you would have than if you purchased gold bullion from any other dealer in any other way. Because you can purchase a small amount at a time, choose how you want to store or save it and/or build your bullion over time, you have complete control of your gold even though it isn’t in your physical presence. When you read in a BitGold review ( that this is the way to invest in gold, you will know what they are talking about.

Never invest in anything that you can’t control and never invest in anything you can’t understand. With BitGold leaving control of your investment in your hands, you can make the ultimate choice as to how you wish to use your gold. That, in a nutshell, is what BitGold is all about and why it is quickly becoming the number one gold investment platform.

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