Bither Enterprise Wallet

part 1 — standard model

For companies with deposit/withdraw services (e.g.: bitcoin banks, exchanges ……), they may need thousands of bitcoin addresses, they also may need different kinds of bitcoin addresses (hot, cold, large amount, small amount ……), and they may have to let different people manage different addresses (boss for big money, staff for little money).
All of these can be very “difficult”, so many companies have choosed another “simpler” way : running a bitcoind on their server, and when someday in the future, giving their moneys to the hacker.

The standard model of Bither Wallet Enterprise Edition is specially designed for these companies. From deposit to withdraw, we have provided complete solutions, and even large exchanges can depend on Bither to store, manage and use bitcoins safer, easier and with low costs.

First of all, let’s take a look at our architect figure:

1. “Business Platform” is actually the company’s own business system, for example, bitcoin exchanges or banks. Bither have provided a complete framework that can be easily integrated to their own business systems.
2. “Blockchain Service” is a specially designed data query service. So your company do not need to depend on other third parties’ services.
3. Based on our “Blockchain Service”, we provide the “Monitoring Service”. With this service, all kinds of the bitcoin addresses used by your company are managed here in an unified method. And the finance/audit departments can use this service to generate financial reports and do realtime audit.
4. We provide “Cold Deposit Wallet”, “Large Amount Cold Wallet”, “Small Amount Hot Wallet” in this standard model. So the companies can build their own management policy based on our system.

After the construction the standard model of Bither Enterprise Wallet, now your company can easily integrate Bither to your own business system to provide deposit/withdraw services for your customers.

Deposit schedule:

Withdraw schedule:

After our introduction on this model, now you may understand that: with our solution, companies can manage many different kinds of bitcoin addresses in a safer and easier way.

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