As you know BitherPlatform started the project at the first quarter of 2017 but the main idea goes back to one year before the start of the website. From the beginning, the team has tried to find investors to fund the project but due to many reasons such as the bear market, scams, loss of funds in other projects, etc. Investors were not interested in a crypto project at all. Considering the situation, we ran presale and the crowd sale from 23 March 2019 to 1 July 2019 Unfortunately, having the highest ranks in monitors and review websites didn’t help…

Many companies have created solutions for donating computing power on a cloud server and services such as “world community grids” from IBM and “” from Oxford University and “MilkyWay@home” from sloan digital sky survey have been introduced.

Most of these projects use BOINC which is an open source platform for participating in Computational projects.

BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) introduced by Berkeley University is used on different operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac and Android for treating diseases, studying global warming, discovering new planets and stars and many other scientific projects.

Most of these participations and hashing…

Holding companies are different from sub-branch companies.
The BitherPlatform makes it possible for holding companies to be unlimitedly defined and created in a modular model.
In these systems, profit of the sub-branches can be shared with holding companies and shareholders by automatic distribution.
For example, suppose that a holding company dealing with toy manufacturer is created on the second layer of the Bither network. This company is supposed to be an accelerator for various manufacturers each producing a different type of toy such as dolls, construction toys, board games etc.
These separate manufacturers, while under the management (support) of the main holding…

Quadcopters are one of the latest and most desired products in today’s market and which attracted many people around the world. Quadcopters are drones with four engines and each engine contains a rotor. These devices are controlled using a controller using allowed frequency ranges. Using quadcopters are much easier than other aviation products such as helicopters or drone planes. They don’t need a runway and can vertically takeoff from a certain point.
Nowadays, most research, industrial and military facilities use this device for executing their projects easier. Specially, if the quadcopter has a camera capable of taking films of aerial photos…

As we promised before, a substansial amount of BitherPlatform tokens (BTR) which sums up to 23,431,563 will be burnt in a few stages.
in the first stage,14,058,937 of BTR tokens equal to 60% percent of all 23,431,563 tokens are burned. you will be able to see the documentation regarding this action in the address mentioned below.

TX hash:

The process of burning tokens naturally will increase the value of tokens for other holders which will draw even more attention to BitherPlatform. Use the following link to learn more about burning tokens in general:
Burning tokens

Dear Users,
We are excited to announce that we are going to have the IEO on LAToken which is one of the top-ranked exchanges with several successful IEOs.

What is Bitherplatform?
BitherPlatform is a three-layer network that is capable of running smart contracts and different projects on all three layers. In this network, miners are allowed to mine on any layer and any project that they prefer without any obligation on staying on one network. In addition, BitherPlatform has a solution for the energy consumption on PoW mechanism in which miners’ excess computing power is going to be used on valuable…

Following the changes in roadmap and possibility of not reaching the designated softcap in the remaining time of the ICO, we announce that a considerable amount of the remaining tokens will be burnt in three phases after the end of ICO and before launching the main network. The amount and the time of burning tokens will be announced soon . . .

what’s the meaning of burning tokens in the cryptocurrency world?

Burning tokens in cryptocurrency world means sending some of the tokens of that cryptocurrency to a certain address which can’t be spent ever again. Everyone can see the…

  • Real Estate
    Using local real estate agents to buy and sell properties makes the land recording fragmented. Also, a centralized listing service (as an alternative) is hard to achieve. In contrast, while we can keep current fragmented listing data, blockchain significantly improves the search process. It also gives more accuracy in the due diligence process.
  • Media and entertainment industry
    Through a blockchain-based platform, content creators (writers, photographers, artists, video makers, etc.) can reach their audience and sell their contents without needing third parties which in this case are big media companies. …

The term “Blockchain” is applicable to any network in which information is recorded by numerous untrusted members, and the blocks are chained together by a proof. As a result, this technology has fundamentally challenged and changed the world of business. By reducing the need for any central institutions such as banks, this technology grants full control of financial affairs to ordinary people.
A new form of trade that is known as ‘pull transactions’ has been formed which has created a lot of enthusiasm; an enthusiasm that is certainly due to high hopes that specialists have for applications of blockchains. Some of…

In the first part, we saw a general description of blockchain and the relation between blocks and transactions. Then we saw a problem according to the orders of transactions that we explain it here:
Keeping the order of transactions that are broadcasted to other nodes in a blockchain’s peer-to-peer network (like Bitcoin). The transactions are not necessarily processed in the order in which they are created, thus the system has to contrive a way to prevent double spending. To achieve this, transactions must be transferred node by node along with the network. …


New Eco-Friendly and Layered Decentralized Economy: Three-layer solution, Multi-mining capability, Optimizing energy consumption.

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