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We thank all contributors who took part in the BitImage project. To call the refund function and get back the money you invested, you need to follow these simple steps — let’s review on the example of www.myetherwallet.com

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  2. Navigate to the “Contracts” page.

The digital content market is wide and established. Proposals include various content from funny cat pictures to high-quality graphics videos developed using the cutting-edge technologies. But unfortunately, huge opportunities come with huge issues, as a rule.

Our team started developing the BitImage media stock platform for a reason. Some of the most prominent members of our team worked in this market and faced the unpleasant situations that concerned media exchanges. Here is a list of major problems of existing platforms in our opinion:

  • Content Search

The founder of BitImage, Kirill, had a lot of negative experience while looking for content…

To ensure that your Internet resource is placed at the top positions of search engine results, you should constantly supply it with the new content — for example, articles and news. At the same time, it is obvious that the “dry” text is not the best way to attract the attention of modern readers. In any case, at least one picture should be included in each new post.

Where to look for such media content then? Simply downloading some pictures or videos from third-party resources, you can violate someone’s copyrights. The easiest way out is to employ the aid of…

BitImage is a new alternative platform for selling and buying digital content. One of the core differences between BitImage and other online marketplaces where you can trade intellectual property is its method of payment.

BitImage uses cryptocurrency for its financial operations. Unlike paper money, this type of payment has significant advantages:

  • digital content is cheaper since cryptocurrency is decentralized and banks’ commissions are not required;
  • monetary transactions occur almost immediately. There is no need to wait a couple of days till a bank confirms financial operations;
  • the transfer of money from other countries is a matter of a few seconds…

In the digital era, digital media content is more important than any other type of the information.

With a huge demand for high-quality unique content, a popularity of media stocks grows day by day. Each of them offers various opportunities and functionality and faces digital era problems. The list includes copyright, payment and earning issues, as well as many other different risks connected to the content purchase and exchange.

BitImage media exchange marketplace has the abilities to change digital content market completely. There are two main reasons for that:

  • BitImage is able to solve the problems of existing media stocks;

If you are here, you have decided to participate in BIM token sale and make an investment into your future. In this article, we are going to guide you through all the details of this process, as well as give you some general tips if it is one of your first times investing into tokens.

What Is A Token Sale?

Token sales are a crowdfunding tool used to build capital by startups or in order to launch a new project. In a token sale, a certain amount of new cryptocurrency created by the organizers is acquired by investors in exchange for other cryptocurrencies (e.g. Ethereum…

BitImage, the next-gen digital media marketplace, just revealed their detailed business strategy and implementation roadmap for the platform. According to this plan, investors and users waiting for the service launch will be able to build their own plans and calculate possible profits. In addition, the plan adds transparency to the team’s intentions concerning the platform implementation. The brief overview to the roadmap is now available for everyone who interested in this ICO.

The presale stage is starting on April 26 and will last for 4weeks. After that, we are moving to the crowdsale period. As it is said in the…

A modern technological market is closely connected with cryptocurrency and smart contracts. They ensure safety and convenience of money transfers. Industry by industry, new innovative projects reinvent the existing products and create new ones. We think it is time to approach the stock content marketplaces and finally create a platform which is ultimately better than existing market leaders. For that reason, we launch BitImage — the most innovative stock content platform.

What is BitImage?

BitImage is the next generation digital media marketplace created to make its customers forget about the inconsistency and inconvenience of the old content platforms. …

The Internet extended our possibilities greatly. Using it, people can easily solve various problems, such as the issue of the suitable content search. Content stock platforms allow buying various types of content such as:

  • photos;
  • images;
  • animations;
  • videos;
  • sounds;
  • music and so on.

Buying the content on specialized platforms, customers can get affordable prices and avoid numerous problems such as licensing and authors’ rights. There are a lot of stock content platforms such as Shutterstock, Depositphotos, 123RF, Getty Images, Alamy, Adobe Stock and others.

Main Problems Of Modern Stock Content Platforms

The modern stock content market is rather big but quite uniform. There are two main types…


Next generation digital media marketplace https://bitimage.io

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