BitImage Use Cases

In the digital era, digital media content is more important than any other type of the information.

With a huge demand for high-quality unique content, a popularity of media stocks grows day by day. Each of them offers various opportunities and functionality and faces digital era problems. The list includes copyright, payment and earning issues, as well as many other different risks connected to the content purchase and exchange.

BitImage media exchange marketplace has the abilities to change digital content market completely. There are two main reasons for that:

  • BitImage is able to solve the problems of existing media stocks;
  • BitImage is extremely useful for both parties of media exchange.

In this article, we will describe the BitImage use cases in detail.

The Introduction to BitImage

A better understanding of the situation on the market and its troubles will lead to a better understanding of Bitimage use cases. The digital content market is full of challenges and risks for participating subjects of the process:


The author is the person that creates unique content. The author may have the competence in image design, video or audio product creation, writing texts, etc. Their profit is formed by transferring the rights to use or own the digital content to customers.


A buyer may be represented by mass media and corporate organizations, advertisement company, news agency, educational institutions or even a popular blog owner that is interested in the unique digital content. Actually, it concerns any company, agency or person that demands digital content for successful business. The role of the buyer can be played by a single employee or whole department of specialists.

The digital content industry is mainly based on relationships between these two parties. But possible fraud, illegal usage of content, its long validation, high service fees and monopolization complicate the cooperation with existing media stocks. BitImage was created with a focus at solving these issues and providing the brilliant performance. Let us take a look at main use cases that make this solution suitable for authors and buyers.

Cornerstones of BitImage

BitImage makes a difference. This is the next generation software solution for digital media industry. By implementing cutting-edge approaches, convenient standards and revolutionary ideas, this marketplace can provide the highest level of service to authors and buyers.

The platform is built on the following cornerstones:


BitImage uses distributed registry where all the changes in ownership rights, agreements and transactions are registered. Blockchain and decentralized content licensing excludes the need for the participation of third parties, which makes the process more seamless and trustable.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is finding application in almost every industry connected to information technologies. So why not use it in a digital content exchange system? With AI, content validation process takes minutes, the human factor is eliminated, and analysis of data arrays is performed within seconds. What is more, Artificial Intelligence learns constantly. So as the time goes by, the quality of provided services will increase.

Custom Content Ordering

BitImage allows customers that are interested in exceptional or atypical content to find authors that are ready to create on-demand digital media according to defined requirements.

Cryptocurrency Transactions

The cryptocurrency revolution made a huge impact on digital world. BitImage deals with financial complications simply: cryptocurrency payments assume no intermediaries. Thus, no bank fees are charged. This is the safe and secure way to transfer money from one person to another.

Plethora of Analytic Tools

Moreover, Bitimage offers its users a wide set of intelligent analysis tools. Deep analytics of the received information, transactions and trends would provide great assistance for authors and buyers. The platform allows keeping the hand on a pulse of own profit and the industry in general.

Bitimage Use Cases Overview

Diving deeper into the topic, let us review real use cases BitImage provides us with.

Author Use Cases:

  • Registering and Creating the User Profile

The very first step to the successful usage of the BitImage marketplace is registration. One can do this using email or through the third-party services like Facebook. The personal profile includes the account info, notifications, settings, portfolio and ratings. Also, here one can find analytic tools and cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Starting the Trade

The Sell My Media option allows starting to sell digital content instantly. Here, the authors post their works, write short descriptions about each product and define the prices.

  • Content Validation

With BitImage, content validation takes mere minutes. Neural network-based AI routines classify uploaded files, including images, videos and texts, and determine the originality of the content. Smart contracts can prove content’s ownership and rights anytime.

  • Smart Contracts

The result of each deal is generation of the smart contract. Here, all terms and agreements are registered. The main features of smart contracts are their immutability and accessibility. These blockchain-based agreements provide the authors with proofs and evidence of every transaction that was conducted. Additionally, smart contracts define property ownership and solve the problem of copyright protection.

  • Trends Analysis

Now, the content creators do not need to surf all over the web searching for news and trends. All the needed information can be found on the BitImage. The relevant information is gathered, analyzed and posted right here for the authors to be aware of all the ways to increase the profit and expertise.

  • Custom Content Ordering

BitImage extends the authors’ professional opportunities by adding the on-demand orders option to the functionality. Here, the interested buyer posts the task, and authors with expertises compete to fulfill it according to the requirements. This is the benefit for both sides of cooperation: the author gets the additional source of income and the buyer gets the unique custom product.

  • Immediate Income

The author gets money the moment the agreement is approved. Thanks to cryptocurrency payment option, the funds transfer is conducted in a matter of seconds, leaving the issues of the traditional payments aside.

Buyer Use Cases:

  • Registering and Creating the User Profile

The access to the incredible amount of content requires authorization on BitImage website. After the registration, the buyer’s personal profile is created, where one can find the general information, account settings and ratings together with wallet and purchase history.

  • Posting the Request for Custom Content

By posting a request the buyer defines a set of rules that must be upheld in an on-demand order. After the request is posted, the authors can apply for this work and start fulfilling the task. On BitImage, the communication between the buyer and the creator takes place through the instant messaging.

  • Tracking the Copyrights

A licensing is done by signing a contract that transfers rights of content usage from author to buyer for digital currency. Decentralized licensing allows access to the information about content purchases and the confirmation of transactions that were conducted. Blockchain makes this data unchangeable and publicly accessible. No documents need to be signed — content rights belong to a certain person that has a real proof of that.

  • Access to the Terms of Agreement

In many cases, when using the existing content stocks, the terms and conditions of the agreement can be lost, changed, forgotten or abandoned. Thanks to smart contracts and decentralization, none of the parties can change the terms of the agreement after the deal is concluded. Besides that, the buyer always has the immediate access to the details of the agreement.

  • History of Purchases

With BitImage it becomes possible to track history of purchases. Clicking a button, the buyer can take a look at the purchases that have been already made, as well as to create a list of desired purchases. In such a way it gets easier to track costs and eliminate unwanted deals.

  • Content Search

BitImage Artificial Intelligence saves buyer’s time greatly. According to buyer’s requirements, content search is done in seconds.

  • Global Cooperation

Cryptocurrency transactions break the existing borders and enable the cooperation between people worldwide. The buyer from Europe can easily contract the author from China, with no complications, bureaucracy or intermediaries’ additional requirements.

The Bottom Line

BitImage is created for photographers, videographers, musicians, designers and other creative people who take care of their products and profit. The platform satisfies buyers wishes, helps them to succeed and opens the doors to the galaxy of high-quality relevant content they are constantly looking for.

Bitimage provides users with great convenience and the useful functionality. With the considerable number of unique opportunities described above, strong technical background and high level of quality, the number of use cases keeps growing. BitImage creates the impeccable work conditions for the users and multiplies their satisfaction.

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