Future of Digital Media Exchange

To ensure that your Internet resource is placed at the top positions of search engine results, you should constantly supply it with the new content — for example, articles and news. At the same time, it is obvious that the “dry” text is not the best way to attract the attention of modern readers. In any case, at least one picture should be included in each new post.

Where to look for such media content then? Simply downloading some pictures or videos from third-party resources, you can violate someone’s copyrights. The easiest way out is to employ the aid of services which provide the unique digital media content. In this article, we will discuss, what are the reasons to consider existing services outdated and what are the alternatives.

Top Six Reasons to Stop Using Traditional Digital Media Stocks

Below we will introduce you to our top six reasons that motivate the people to look for better digital media exchanges.

  • Huge fees for selling media content. When you place the new work to any popular digital content stock (stock), the owners of the platform will charge about 50–80% of your earnings. Perhaps the authors, whose portfolio includes thousands of images, still can make quite good money but even they are not eager to give the lion’s share of their earnings only for the possibility to sell their arts.
  • A time-consuming and arduous examination procedure for the new content providers. To get an ability to place your works at some of the most well-known stocks, you must pass a complex validation process.
  • The absence of possibility to order a custom content. To date, there is no stock where you could place your personal request.
  • A long process of content validation. Before the new content goes into the public access, it must pass a pre-moderation procedure. Because the moderators are living people, and well-known stocks receive thousands of files every day, the approval of the particular file may drag for several weeks.
  • An absence of copyright protection guarantees. In the usual digital media exchanges, there is no universal mechanism to avoid the copyright infringement. This means that the owners cannot be sure that their media files are not used unlawfully.
  • Difficulties in searching for the specific content. Customers have to spend a lot of time searching for the right content because average search engine displays hundreds or even thousands of results that more or less correspond to the specific request.

BitImage — a Worthy Alternative to Existing Stocks

BitImage is a platform based on AI routines and machine learning algorithms, which is a better alternative to traditional stocks. In fact, it is an advanced intermediary between customers and suppliers of original pictures, audio recordings, videos and gifs, which allows upholding the copyright. Let us review its advantages:

  • extensive opportunities for earning: providers of multimedia can individually set the cost of their works;
  • the lowest possible usage fees: the system charges only around around 20–30% of the total cost, specified by an owner;
  • intellectual search engine: the BitImage users will see only the files that best match their queries, thanks to the AI-based search engine;
  • observance of copyrights: transmittal of any media file or rights to use thereof from the author to the buyer is carried out on the basis of the blockchain and smart contracts, providing a guarantee of copyright observance;
  • possibility to order the custom content: any customer of this platform can place their own request with the individual requirements;
  • no examinations: anyone can place their media content on BitImage;
  • rapid validation of the new content: media content compliance checking is implemented by artificial intelligence routines, so all new files go into public access almost immediately after the upload;
  • possibility to pay for the content with cryptocurrencies and tokens: BitImage users can make a confident step into the future, using any type of the cryptocurrency as a mean of payment.

As you can see, the prospects of this service are very promising. Therefore, we are sure that in a few years the usual digital media exchanges will be replaced by more advanced blockchain-based solutions.


Let us sum things up. BitImage, being an innovative online platform for media content provisioning, gives the great opportunities to put the original media content up for sale without any difficulties. And it does not matter who you are — a professional or just an amateur in a photo or video shooting, musician or digital artist. As for potential buyers, this platform is a simple and convenient mechanism for finding and purchasing original content.

BitImage is fundamentally different from the current stocks because it employs the latest in technologies and innovations, allowing to build a customer service to a new level. Using this platform, you will forget about the problems, typical for obsolete digital media exchanges.