Meet BitImage Team

The digital content market is wide and established. Proposals include various content from funny cat pictures to high-quality graphics videos developed using the cutting-edge technologies. But unfortunately, huge opportunities come with huge issues, as a rule.

Our team started developing the BitImage media stock platform for a reason. Some of the most prominent members of our team worked in this market and faced the unpleasant situations that concerned media exchanges. Here is a list of major problems of existing platforms in our opinion:

  • Content Search

The founder of BitImage, Kirill, had a lot of negative experience while looking for content. He needed to find an appropriate content for a new up-and-running product. With a solid belief there is enough fish in the sea, he started looking for a high-quality content that would suit the requirements. And guess what? Kirill has spent days looking for the desired media and found nothing acceptable.

  • Copyright Protection

Irene, our UI/UX specialist, knows for sure about the greatest cons of existing media stock exchanges. Creating the design for one of her software development projects, she faced the copyright infringement issues and spent months resolving them.

  • Pricing Monopoly

Another serious disadvantage of current platforms is the fact that the management establishes prices and terms of selling the content. Ellina, the marketing professional of BitImage, worked with many media stocks. She was unpleasantly surprised with how widespread is this problem.

Each of our bright talents has faced the issues caused by the negative features of the existing digital content marketplaces. This is exactly the idea that brought us together. We implemented our skills, visions, and ideas to reach the desired result — BitImage media stock platform. Now, let us introduce our team of experts.

BitImage Team

Kirill Yusov — CEO and Founder

Kirill is the leader of the BitImage team. His great experience in IT, years of running own businesses and high level of expertise are aimed at BitImage improvement. His passion for cryptocurrency and willingness to perfection is a bottomless source of inspiration for all of us.

Xenia Sokolova — Head of Operations

Xenia is the proven expert in project planning and organization. Her great skills are devoted to regulation and optimization of the processes inside a team as well as external cooperation.

Bohdan Nikitin — Head of Development

The idea is the disembodied concept until it is implemented in a real solution. Thanks to Bohdan, his skills, time, and efforts, BitImage came to life and continues to bloom into a really user-friendly platform.

Andrii Holovin — iOS Developer

Andrii is responsible for making our services accessible to the owners of Apple devices. You can see how great his skills soon when our app is available on App Store.

Oleh Romanenchuk — Android Developer

Oleh is responsible for mobile development on the Android platform. Years of experience developing Android applications formed the basis for building the amazing BitImage Android client.

Irene Hozhenko — UI/UX Designer

You can enjoy the design and usability of our product because of great efforts Irene devoted to it. She is a true expert in UI/UX design and software development projects of varying complexity in such areas as fintech, blockchain, and others.

Vadym Balan — Frontend Developer

Vadym created the interface functionality of our product. His experience and great talent allowed us to completely satisfy the user requirements and implement our best ideas in the product.

Denys Parafilo — Java/ Blockchain Developer

Denys is responsible for the creation of the platform’s core. With the experience in Ethereum development and great software engineering skills, he has fulfilled hundreds of hard tasks and brought BitImage blockchain to life.

Ellina Bereza — Marketing Specialist

Marketing is the essential part of the product development. This is why we are happy that such a great specialist as Ellina works shoulder-by-shoulder with us. Together, we increase BitImage popularity and promote our business.

Valery Kornus — SMM Manager

The social marketing is crucial for the product’s success in the modern world. Valery works hard to promote BitImage via social media channels and makes her best to provide the audience — readers and users — with the necessary details about our product.

Ann Zubarieva — SMM Manager

We actively use social media channels to share the information about BitImage. So Ann, our social media guru, makes her contribution to promoting the product via Facebook, Linkedin, and other popular resources.