KAN Token Unlock Announcement

23 October 2018

Dear Respected Users:

KAN has completed the sixth unlock for institutional investors on 23 October 2018, GMT+8 Singapore. This unlock accounted for 15% of the total investment amount, and the total unlocked amount has reached 100%. Thus, KAN has been completely unlocked. Any transfer operations can be performed after the time stated above.

KAN has gradually unlocked its tokens for institutional investment over the past five months. Apart from the July partial investment unlock, which has once again participate in another locking plan, KAN would have completed the unlock of all institutional investment.

As of October 23, 2018, KAN has been launched on several major exchanges including Huobi.pro, ZB.com, OKEX, CoinEx, and FCoin.

Thank you for your continued support.

KAN team

KAN Token