BITKER is going to list Cpollo (CPLO) on the 7 November 2018 (ULT+8)

Dear BITKER Users:

BITKER is going to list CPLO on November 7, 2018, 21:00(UTC +8)and will open CPLO/BTC.

【Project introduction】

Cpollo will reduce scams in crypto via an auditable ledger where stakeholders can view the progress of a company as they reach critical milestones. The funds being generated through an ICO or PCO will be allocated into a smart contract, constantly being monitored by audit measures designed by Cpollo. Furthermore, open-market businesses who leverage the Cpollo platform will be continuously audited and monitored to reinforce investors’ confidence.

CPLO Total supply:20,000,000,000

CPLO Total circulation:6,260,127,910

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【BITKER Notice】

Digital assets accompanied by a huge business fluctuation,please observe risk management, hope you with a happy transaction.





BITKER official Wechat grou: scan QR code and add the customer service(Wechat: bitkerservice)


November 7, 2018