Bitlorrent Bounty program is going on :

We are thrilling to announce that Bitlorrent Inc. Launches bounty program for its native token BLT. Bounty hunter could earn more BLT by making youtube video or post in his/her own blog sites or social media. Bounty program will be continued till 23/05/2021 at 10 PM UTC+8.

  • Video length must be at least 5 minutes or more will get 50 BLT tokens.
  • Video lenght must be 10 minutes or more will get 100 BLT tokens.
  • Content writing /Article text words length must be above 250 will get 50 tokens.
  • Articles length must be above 300 words will get 70 BLT token

After completing the above task user have to fill up this google form and relax. Your bounty reward will be distributed on 30th June 2021.

Google form:

For any query : Contact with us through:






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Bitlorrent is a leading cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology to provide services by payement system in various luxurious e-commerce platform.