Clean energy is becoming the top most priority for nations worldwide, and more so in developing countries of Africa, Latin America, where access to any form of energy has been a longstanding problem. It is estimated that nearly 15% of the world’s population lives without access to electricity. Solving this problem has opened up opportunities for companies and projects like Bitlumens looking to provide off-grid solar power to the population inhabiting in rural areas. Bitlumens’ aim is to offer reliable energy services and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a cost competitive manner!BitLumens also fulfills the requirements based on the clean…

Bitlumens’ team keeps growing and we are proud to announce two new experienced team members to our ever growing team!

Sandra Kwak

Microgrid Energy Expert, Advisor

BitLumens is building a decentralized, blockchain-based micro power-grid for 1.2 billion people

Bitlumens distributes solar power devices in areas without a power-grid and connects them to the blockchain. By paying for these devices in installments, people build up credit scores. Banks can access the data by using Bitlumens own token BLS and use it to issue micro-credits to those who urgently need them.


The devices form micro-grids in places with no existing infrastructure. Our innovative software collects data and sends it to the blockchain. People can decide to make this data available to banks for micro credits and other financial services. …

Gathered at the recently held summit, was a host of top officials from spheres of government, civil society and the technology sector.

Conferences at the Bellagio Center are intended to establish and strengthen connections across disciplines and geographies. The summit was a gathering of Prominent leaders to talk about Blockchain Technology and its social impact. Discussions focused around working to harness blockchain tools to support good governance, financial inclusion, and environmental protection. The intellectually stimulating 3-day summit that was held at the Bellagio Center in Italy was working in conjunction with the Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA) and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Bitlumens Newest Advisor, Nihas Rahmanis, Is bringing his expertise in the Crypto-space and his well seasoned knowledge in advocating and implementing latest enterprise IT solutions. He will be working as an advisory member on the board.

Nihas Rahman is a blockchain enabler and founder of Oovya, a blockchain and ICO advisory startup based out of Dubai. Nihas is a Certified Bitcoin professional, a Project Management Professional (PMI) and Scrum Master . He is a blockchain evangelist and enabler, ICO advisor and a profit trailer crypto bot implementation expert. Nihas has over a decade of expertise in Enterprise IT implementations related…

The backbone of any thriving economy is its banking and finance operations. For an individual, being part of the banking system is imperative not just to store value or money but also to transact and more importantly, get access to credit. Since they do not have a formal account or credit history, their credit rating is non-existent.

In Latin America, over 50% of the population remains unbanked.

For anyone in a developed country, this may seem like an unbelievable statistic to digest, but for Latin America, it is their reality. …

In our mission to provide access to clean energy and bring financial inclusion to the rural population, we have identified Latin America as our initial market which is most underserved and least competitive among other developing nations.

Our journey has already begun and is currently in the testing phase in Guatemala. The solar devices have already been started to get deployed and we have identified the first set of agents who will be leasing and installing them in the customers’ homes.

Following are the three key milestones we are targeting for the coming months as we get ready to launch…

Globally, burning kerosene for lighting generates over 240 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, which is nearly 0.5% of the global emissions. Moreover, on a general basis burning 20 kg wood during one day emits about 200 grams of PM2.5, this equals smoking 10,000 cigarettes.

In developing geographies like Latin America, the problem runs deeper as kerosene (paraffin) is widely used as fuel for light and cooking, both of which are important sources of carbon dioxide and black carbon. Especially in rural areas where most families use dim kerosene lamps to light their homes at night. The combustion originated…

If you were following our project back in March, we’d like to remind you about our commitment towards the Guatemalan pilot!

Throughout the last week, the Bitlumens team visited Santa Catarina Barahona, in Guatemala, where they had the pleasure to teach women farmers about how the Bitlumens solar devices and technology works, first hand! Bitlumens takes the initiative to teach communities about the benefits and uses of the technology, prior to actually installing the devices.

Bitlumens aims at providing off-grid solar devices to households where the government hasn’t been able to provide electricity and also at households that are…

BLS Token Pre-Sale

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a peer to peer platform where users adopt off grid Solar systems to reduce carbon emissions and get access to lighting and water in places where there is no power grid. Our platform allows the leasing of Solar Home Systems (SHS) to be done through installments denominated in Bitlumens Tokens (BLS). Our goal is to create a positive measurable social and environmental impact.


Bitlumens uses the blockchain and IoT to bring electricity and water powered by solar technologies to rural areas.

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