Why the world needs BitMED’s no cost healthcare

Imagine a world where you could take out your phone, open an app, and speak directly to a physician anytime, anywhere, and for as long as you needed for free. You could get advice on any question, care for many problems that you or your family face, get prescriptions, and be shown the best way to get any specific treatment or evaluation that was needed.

Imagine a world where you could could access the best wisdom and knowledge of cutting edge medical research, the real world experiences of seasoned physicians, and specialized communities built around your medical needs, diseases, activities, and lifestyle.

Imagine a world where your complete medical record including every physician visit, hospitalization, lab test, imaging, and prior care could be accessible anywhere, highly secure, and even earn you compensation.

BitMED was built to make this world a reality.

But, to make it work, we had to change the way healthcare is delivered and change your expectations of how healthcare could work for you.

Reclaim lost time and money:

You’re probably used to calling a medical office, trying to get an appointment, spending hours traveling, giving them your insurance information, seeing a nurse, then seeing a doctor, and then paying your co-pay, and then spending hours going home. This wildly inefficient. And expensive. Every question or problem you have means you have to pay more. It’s almost like you’re being punished for seeking care. Insurance companies call this risk sharing, but we call it wrong.

BitMED and our physicians work on a different model: we help our patients anywhere and anytime they need it. Instead of putting up barriers and costs in between you and your needs, we connect you immediately and directly to a physician. Ask us anything. Some problems we can solve, some problems we can advise, and some problems just need more evaluation than we can provide remotely and we’ll tell you the best way to get the care you need. In fact, the more you talk with our providers, the easier it is for us to provide you with additional answers.

No more unnecessary or redundant tests: Own your data

You’re probably used to spending hours trying to get your medical records from hospitals and offices and trying to get them to your new physician. Or the agony of having to undergo repeat testing or evaluations for work that was already done somewhere else. You’ve probably even gotten a cd or dvd with copies of your x-rays and ct-scans that you had to share with your physician.

BitMED works with patients and their healthcare providers to create a complete digital, block-chained secure, fully portable, and user-controlled medical record. Our streamlined “BitMED My Data” process automates HIPAA requirements, incentivizes healthcare providers to share their data, and our APIs allow us to collect data from almost any source. By creating this complete chart, our physicians can provide the highest level of care to our patients and our patients are able to safely share their data with whomever they choose.

Stop searching alone; find better answers

You’re probably googled medical questions before. But is this really the best way to figure what’s going on? And what do you do if think you have a problem? Can you trust the recommendations? Do you go to an emergency room or urgent care or wait for your next doctor’s appointment? How do you even make the decision? We love Google. If you need to know how to fix a leaky faucet it’s great, but when it comes to your health, you need something better.

BitMED’s solution to this problem is multi-faceted. First, all our articles, videos, and research is all reviewed for accuracy prior to placement on our website. If it’s on our site, you can trust it. We know how overwhelming medical knowledge can be so we curate this content around your medical problems, activities, and lifestyle to help you learn and make the best decisions. Next, doctors and articles can’t tell you everything there is to know about a given problem. Our communities are built to help you learn from the wisdom of the crowd. When members make great suggestions like picking the best bed for a patient with Parkinson’s, they’re rewarded and you get a chance to gain unique insights unavailable anywhere else.

We’re proud to share BitMED with the world. We care about your health as much as you do and we hope you join us to take control of your own healthcare. We’re excited to meet you and we’ll be sharing more about our services in the articles to follow!

Learn more: www.bitmed.io

Prakash Vemulapalli MD, MBA

Medical Director, BitMED