Fake News, and what IOTA can do about it

It’s the hottest phrase in the country these days: “Fake News”. Not a trivial matter. News organizations rushing to be ‘first’, report irresponsibly loose news. Agenda driven news organizations knowingly disseminate grey lies, and even the most respected organizations suppress inconvenient facts to generate a distorted picture. Most of us find it convenient to rely on a tailored news feed that shields us from issues and stories we are not interested in. It is easy to overlook the fact that by giving this filtering power to an obscure algorithm, we invite a fake, distorted view of reality.

The proposed solution for this dilemma is based on (i) total exposure of roots and credentials at a high resolution level, (ii) a Monte Carlo aggregation of such “data atoms” to the terminal consumer of the news; (iii) disintermediation: technology should put editors out of business by developing a dynamic sunbsititue to the “no alternative” habit-established channel.

Millions of fresh “news stories” emerge in the global village, most are short lived, and are told only in their immediate neighborhood. News hunters pick and choose stories that support their agenda, promote them, dramatize them, and then exploit their hierarchical news distribution architecture to impact almost every household with the purpose-baked product. What we see is well spiced boneless creamy tales, easily edible, steering our view of the world.

The industry does not even suspect it yet, but technology can shake up this order. News stories may propagate on peer-to-peer networks, being naturally cross validated, and virally integrated. News summaries travel far, exposing their building blocks upon demand. We credit bitcoin with this inspiring idea of designing an algorithmic shield against any minority taking over, and undue influencing the peer majority. Once we apply this solution to more than money, in this case to news items, we will eliminate the current choke-holds that “news organizations” have on us. Bitcoin per se is too stiff for the purpose and that’s why I believe in IOTA. It’s a huge but exciting task: much as fraudulent bitcoin transactions end up as withering chains of payments, so fake news will be so declared through the power of the network, while critical real news will be built up to allow one to only scan the headlines with confidence that what she sees is what there is.

I have IOTA and BiPSA (Binary Polling Scenario Analysis) on my drawing table, and I am looking for a creative graduate student to earn his PhD on this challenge.