Leaking-Resistant Secure Document Management

Nominal secure document management treats the admitted parties as trust-worthy, and hence is not prepared to face a leak. Indeed leak-prevention means cast a shadow of suspicion on the secret sharing community, and because of that, solutions like ours are not commonly adapted. But with leaking rising to become a serious problem as it is, we see renewed interest in leaking-resistant solution.

BitMint solution is aimed at financial documents but is not limited thereto. It is based on the idea that data is always encrypted, except when viewed by its human consumer or entered by him or her. Double encryption is used. The data is encrypted first by the user’s key, entered per session, and then by the computer key, kept in a secure enclosure. The double-encrypted data is filed in a communication-ready database. Printout is not allowed. All the machine (computer) keys are 99.99% overlapping, with the remaining tiny fraction used to identify which machine encrypted the data. Similarly, all users’ keys are 99.99% compatible, with the remaining fraction used to identify the user who sent out the document before it was captured.

The machines are too bulky to sneak out, the machine key is too tightly secured in the computer, and the encrypted document will point to its latest encryptor. It will take a very elaborate, smart and risky effort to leak from this system.