Mega Environmental Data: IOTA, BitMint, and Big Data Analytics

All politics is local: to leverage political power for the environment — measure it in your back yard! And we can: Now that we have a businessman in charge, the EPA should offer “cents for sense”: citizens who install environmental sensors on their roof, or on their vehicles will be paid for the data they send to a collection center: temperatures, humidity, contaminants — a tariff for each, pay as you. The “BitMint-any-Resolution- Money” will counterflow the measurement data, and be usable online by the owner of the sensor. The money can potentially be tethered to buy green energy only, or say solar panels, and the rates will reflect the need per location. Each sensor will fit into the Internet of Things, and the data integration will be implemented using IOTA protocols, with IBM Watson class big data crunching identifying alarming trends of pollution and environmental deterioration per each neighborhood. Solid data will be in the face of dodging politicians, turning the environmental protection leverage onto effective solutions. The environment deteriorates slowly, the damage can be readily ignored via day to day living — only 24/7 data streams that show de facto status will shake things up. We have the technology. We need the leadership.