Steganography-Augmented Cryptography — Payday for the Bad Guys

Steganography is more powerful than cryptography. The latter betrays the fact that a secret message was sent, the former hides it. Yet, steganography emerged more an art than a science, more occasional than routine, more illustrious than effective. Until now, when we can weave steganographic messages into a cryptographic payload.

Alice sends an innocent message to Bob — encrypted, but the key is handed over with the cryptogram. What’s the point, you ask, why encrypt, if the decryption key is passed along? Because the file that went from Alice to Bob may be processed with another cryptographic key which will extract out of the very same file a completely different message: the red-hot protected secret. And none will be the wiser. Unfortunately that is how terrorists remain invisible, while we don’t even admit that we have a problem. In depth: Rating Non-Vanishing Entropy of Randomness-Rich Ciphers.