The NSA Can Steal bitcoins, Snowden Says

Edward Snowden asserted in interviews and in released documents that the NSA has secretly defeated each and every asymmetric cipher in use by the banking and financial industry. Hoorah! cry out the bank haters, the capitalism bashers, the enemies of the central banks. Down with Bernanke they scream — the world goes bitcoin!!

Really? What is bitcoin made of? The very same ciphers that Snowden asserts, that lay flat and defeated before the NSA. Which means, my rebellious friends, that you have escaped the federal reserve and ran right into the jaws of the national security agency.

Bitcon tops $1000, at this rate, Congress should soon defund the NSA, since it can graze off the bits and bytes of the naive and the criminals that feed the bitcoin frenzy.

Digital money is the solution, but it is a bit more sane than this hocus-pocus. We call it BitMint.

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