Why Bitmotion is going the OSM way.

As a start-up, words like crowdsourcing and Wikinomics are very interesting and powerful for us. We believe that crowdsourcing will accelerate the rate of innovation and perpetuate a very open and transparent world for future generations to come.

Open Street Maps(OSM) offers a very flexible and scalable alternative to Google Maps or any other maps service providers. Founded in London in 2004 by Steve Coast, OSM is a global crowdsourcing project that aims at creating a free world map. OSM allows us to play around with the maps as per our creativity and imagination and being a start-up we are always looking forward as to what we can give back to the community and make it easier for other start-ups.

Why OSM?

Open Street Maps is super rich in detailing and since it is a completely crowdsourced map platform, everything that is relevant to people has been covered and the changing geographies are constantly up to date.. There are almost no limitations when using OSM map data. It is free and open and can be customized to a very high degree, allowing users to create their own map — not only in terms of style but also content.

bitmotion.bike is teaming up with Mapbox to provide a very rich map experience to users of bitmotion biking systems and provide a biking experience like no other.

And all those future users of bitmotion biking systems should know that every unknown place you ride into will be a contribution in mapping a more accurate world for other users and that is something really amazing.

Welcome to an open world.

-Team Bitmotion