BitMovio Partners with Leading Blockchain Consulting and Advisory Company Block72 for International Business Expansion

Sep 30 · 3 min read

BitMovio, a blockchain-enabled gamified video entertainment platform, today announced the acceleration of its global expansion plans by partnering with Block72, the consulting arm of renowned blockchain investments funds GBIC and FBG Capital. Currently in open-beta, BitMovio is stepping up its blockchain development with additional gamification features by introducing its own crypto token and integrating with Theta Labs’ decentralized mesh video streaming infrastructure. Through this partnership, BitMovio will focus on entering Asian markets and growing its global user base with Block72, which provides growth consulting and marketing services in global markets including South Korea, China and the U.S.

A cross between Twitch, Netflix and Patreon, BitMovio is a new form of video entertainment marketplace enabled by blockchain technologies, crypto currency and in-platform virtual goods. BitMovio’s streaming video platform features a wide array of genres, including gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, paranormal/UFOs, conspiracy and more. Over the past several months, the company has signed over 6,000 hours of premium video content from premium film and television networks and studios, global production companies, YouTube networks, independent film producers and individual influencers.

Simon Zhu, Co-founder and CEO of BitMovio, said: “We’ve gained significant momentum over the past several months with hundreds of studios/creators and thousands of hours of premium content onboarded, especially among the independent film & TV and professional YouTube streamer community. We expect that this partnership with Block72 will help double down on BitMovio’s leadership position in the blockchain entertainment space with expansion into South Korea, China and other Southeast Asian countries.”

Sinhae Lee, Founding Partner at Block72, said: “We are constantly looking for promising blockchain projects that can solve real-world problems and which have the potential to achieve mainstream adoption. We hope to expand BitMovio’s business and the adoption of its ecosystem through Block72’s global network, as well as create a compelling use case through the success of the project.”

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About BitMovio

BitMovio is a next-generation gamified video entertainment marketplace, connecting forward-thinking content creators and passionate consumers. BitMovio is a cross between Twitch, Netflix and Patreon, powered by blockchain technologies and in-platform virtual currency, which enables content creators, consumers, and financiers to transparently and instantaneously exchange value and attention. Backed by top-tier venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, New York City and Boston, BitMovio is on a mission to disrupt the video entertainment industry’s centralized content distribution and financing model. For more information, visit

About Block72:

Block72 is a joint venture by GBIC and FBG Capital. The two venture capital funds have a well-developed portfolio of investments in the blockchain space and their success has allowed them to build a solid reputation in the industry. Their support has led to the success of many ICOs and enabled development of countless technical projects. In an effort to provide their services to a demanding blockchain startup scene, FBG Capital and GBIC launched Block72.

Block72 provides specialized consultancy services to blockchain projects. The team has rich experience in marketing, public relations, and community growth and has helped countless projects secure capital and build engaged communities which serve as the core of their respective decentralized ecosystems. Block72 has offices around the globe providing a large network that continues to grow, not only within blockchain but the tech sector as a whole. For more information, visit


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