BitMovio September Update: new strategic partners, new product features and additional content partners!

Oct 10 · 4 min read

Dear BitMovio Community,

It is the time of the month again, and we have some exciting updates to share with you!

New Strategic Partners to Step Up Blockchain Development, Product and Community Building!

BitMovio to integrate with Theta mesh video streaming protocol in Q4 2019 to introduce additional gamification to its freemium video entertainment platform with 6,000+ hours of premium content in gaming, eSports, SciFi, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Paranormal.
BitMovio announced the acceleration of its global expansion plans by partnering with Block72, the consulting arm of renowned blockchain investments funds GBIC and FBG Capital.

6,500+ Hours of Content with New Content Partners!

We are continuously onboarding new content partners and welcoming new streamers to build their communities on the BitMovio platform. We have now on-boarded over 6,500 hours of high quality content from hundreds of creators/channels in gaming/eSports, sports, paranormal, sci-fi/fantasy, horror/thriller, reality TV, documentary and more!

Our latest premium content partners include:

  • The Young Turks: an award-winning multi-platform online content creators, generating over 200 million views a month. According to the most recent comScore ratings, TYT ranks #1 in News and Politics on all digital platforms among the millennial audience (18–24). Read the press release for details.
  • 1091 (formerly The Orchard Film Group, owned by Sony Music Entertainment): a global commercial distribution platform company for independent film and television content creators. Through this engagement, BitMovio viewers will gain access to hours of programming such as Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers, Renegade: The Life Story of David Icke, Aliens in the Pentagon, Extraordinary: The Seeding and more. Please read the press release for details.
Rebel HQ (Channel), The Conversation (Channel), The Damage Report (Channel)
The Young Turks (Channel), TYT Sports (Channel), Aliens at the Pentagon (Movie)
Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers (Movie), Extraodinary: The Seeding (Movie), Renegade: The Life Story of David Icke (Movie)

We have also welcomed a significant amount of streamers to start building out their communities on BitMovio.

Arduous (Channel), Atom Collector (Channel), Brother Shield (Channel)

Be sure to visit our video site, download our iOS or Android App to check out our expanding content categories and support your favourite creators!

Rewards and Incentivization: Watch and Earn, Refer and Earn!

We have introduced an innovative "Watch and Earn" feature on all BitMovio web and app platforms. By watching videos on BitMovio platform, registered users can earn a maximum of 500 MoviBits daily and use the earned MoviBits to reward their favorite content creators or unlock premium content!

In addition, our referral rewards program is currently live. Users can earn a maximum of 1,000,000 MoviBits by referring friends, family and fans to join the BitMovio platform through your unique referral code! For detailed referral rewards program guidelines, please refer to

We will also be running a Community Bounty Rewards Program between October 14 and November 14. Please follow our Telegram channel for more details in the next couple of days!

Our goal is to bring a fortnite-style, gamified experience to video entertainment, fundamentally transforming how content is monetized, how content creators are paid, and how value and attention are compensated and rewarded.

Please join our Telegram channel to learn more and chat directly with the project team to provide your valuable feedback!

Best regards,
Simon Zhu on behalf of BitMovio


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