Happy Holidays and BitMovio 2019 Year-End Review!

Dec 23, 2019 · 4 min read

BitMovio 2019 Year-End Review and Outlook for 2020

Dear Valued Investors, Advisors, Partners and Supporters:

Wish you and your family a happy Holiday Season!

On behalf of the BitMovio team, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to your continued support!

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you our learnings and achievements in 2019, and lay out our plans for 2020.

BitMovio is a new decentralized YouTube and Patreon-like platform that rewards users and content creators for their attention and engagement. BitMovio started with a idea in early 2018 from its three cofounders, Riz Virk, Jerry Kowal, and Simon Zhu, to create a better ecosystem for content creators. We wanted to empower these creators to better engage with their young fans, control their creative destinies, and have complete visibility over how their content performs.

Using a freemium model and gamified incentives relevant to the Fortnite generation, BitMovio’s approach of using virtual currency is gaining significant traction with both content creators and users since introducing the new “watch and earn” feature in our open beta product platforms in October.

March 2019: Launched Open-Beta Product in iOS, Android and Web Forms

VentureBeat: The launch delivers an expansive update on content creator and consumer interactivity as well as access to a growing array of gamified monetization and reward models.

Over 100% Growth in Registered Users and Engagement Month-over-Month

  • ~40,000 registered users as of December 2019 with over 100% growth Month-over-Month in the last couple of months
  • 1,000 ~1,500 new registered users per day, growing to 100K by Q1/2020, 250K by Q2/2020 and 1M by Q4/2020 organically
  • Strong engagement of users on Mobile platforms, with average engagement time of 25 minutes, week-2 retention rate of ~25%, and DAU over MAU ratio of 15%
  • Users are focused in Asia and North America

Onboarded 7,000+ hours of content with 1,000+ creators/channels

Our onboarded content partners include

Strong Partnerships to Fuel Further Growth in 2020!

We are integrating with Theta’s decentralized CDN infrastructure and tapping into its 5M+ community. The Beta version is expected to be online in Q1 2020.

We have finalized our partnership with Razer Gold, the fintech solution by the reputable Esports hardware and system provider Razer, to reach its 80M+ eSports fans, particularly in emerging markets.

We are partnering with Block72, a joint venture of GBIC and FBG Capital to provide marketing services to blockchain startups, to double down on BitMovio’s leadership position in the blockchain entertainment space with expansion into South Korea, China, and other Southeast Asian countries.”

With more partnerships to announce soon…

Partnership with Singapore Management University to Capture the Growing Asia Entertainment Market!

To double down on the Asia market especially the growing Southeast Asia entertainment market, we are joining the Business Innovations Generator (“SMU BIG”) at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Singapore Management University in 2020.

Equity crowdfunding Launched for Global Investors, Supporters and Ambassadors

In November 2019, we launched our equity crowdfunding (https://netcapital.com/companies/bitmovio). Now, our partners, content creators and users can own shares of BitMovio by investing as little as $100, while participating in our mission to redefine the video streaming market and help grow our community.

Our mission is to bring a Fortnite-style gamified experience to video entertainment and fundamentally transform how users and creators participate in the video content ecosystem.

We would like to thank you for your continuous support, and look forward to having the opportunity to welcome you to participate in our equity crowdfunding, join our community and advocate for our mission!

Yours truly,

Simon Zhu

on behalf of Team BitMovio


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Gamified video entertainment platform for the Fornite generation enabled by blockchain

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