YouTube Censorship & BitMovio

Dec 27, 2019 · 2 min read

As you are by now well aware, YouTube has begun censoring crypto-related content. Like it has in so many other instances, YouTube has done this quietly, without notice or explanation to crypto influencers — and in the middle of the holiday season no less!

BitMovio (, available on iOS App Store and Android Play Store) is here to help. BitMovio is a global, blockchain-based decentralized video streaming platform built for the Fortnite generation. We have over 7,000 hours of video content from thousands of creators around the world, in every genre imaginable. We also have game-like features including our own virtual currency, MoviBits, which users and creators alike can earn and share.

Best of all, We do not censor your content based on political views or disruptions to the financial industry; we believe you should be free to express your point of view. And we will not demonetize you. Your content and your channel is yours to manage as you see fit. You’ll earn 80% of the revenue your content generates, whether from ads or microtransactions (e.g., tips and gifts). We’ll even help you onboard your library content so you can get started earning as quickly as possible.

So what do you have to lose?? Also, as a special limited-time offer to our friends in the crypto world, we’re offering a one-time bonus of 10,000 MoviBits for any crypto influencer who creates a channel and uploads their videos by January 15, 2020!

Any questions? Send us a note at or simply email me directly at

Together we will work to escape YouTube’s clutches and create a more open content ecosystem for everyone. We look forward to welcoming you to our platform soon!

About BitMovio

BitMovio is a next-generation gamified video entertainment platform for the Fortnite generation. , connecting forward-thinking content creators and passionate consumers. Featuring a freemium business model, BitMovio is a hybrid of YouTube and Patreon which is disrupting the legacy content distribution and financing ecosystem.

To learn more about BitMovio, please follow us on:

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Gamified video entertainment platform for the Fornite generation enabled by blockchain

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