YouTube Policy Changes & How BitMovio Can Help You

Dec 10, 2019 · 2 min read

YouTube’s new terms and conditions will go into effect starting December 10, 2019, and a lot of creators aren’t too happy. What does that mean for content creators?

Less exposure, less profitability and quite possibly the risk of being completely erased if YouTube deems it as “no longer commercially viable”.


1. They can now reject any new content

2. They can remove any existing content

3. They can demonetize any existing content

Will YouTube Delete You? Move over to BitMovio!

Here are a few steps you can take to avoid getting your favorite content deleted.

1.Open a BitMovio Account

Take advantage of our unique features

2.Upload Your Content

Backup your videos or create new ones

3.Keep Sharing

Use your individual referral code to earn MoviBits

4.Earn More

Let patrons support you directly on your page

Our Features

BitMovio’s video streaming platform offers more opportunities to earn and connect.

About BitMovio

BitMovio is a next-generation gamified video entertainment platform for the Fortnite generation. , connecting forward-thinking content creators and passionate consumers. Featuring a freemium business model, BitMovio is a hybrid of YouTube and Patreon which is disrupting the legacy content distribution and financing ecosystem.

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Gamified video entertainment platform for the Fornite generation enabled by blockchain

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