BTNT Token Approved in Swiss Hotel

Sep 5 · 2 min read

Cryptocurrencies are marking new achievements in different areas every day. Every industry today is being influenced by blockchain and the ones missing out on it, feel that they are lagging, which leads to further crypto adaptability in new fields. We get to see multiple news’ every day about crypto taking over something new.

BitNautic, a blockchain shipping industry that offers a lot of services also has its own cryptocurrency, BTNT token. The BTNT token will now be a valid payment in hotels in Lugano, Switzerland. Hotel San Carlo Garni is the ideal place if you’re visiting Lugano, and their BTNT acceptance is a cherry on the top making payment easier than ever. Apart from this, Hotel Rheinfall in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland is another option for you to book a room using BTNT tokens.

Just like crypto has expanded to many countries, Switzerland is expected to be next in line. The co-founder of Sygnum crypto bank has received an award of a swiss banking license. Sygnum and SEBA are expected to become full-fledged banks in Switzerland once they are done with some routines. The CEO of Sygnum now believes that it is their responsibility to help the financial players in Switzerland with digital assets. He considers this event as a game-changer for crypto.

BitNautic has now played a significant role in this crypto growth in Switzerland. Being a blockchain-based shipment platform, it offers a very secure and reliable system. It lets you choose the carrier for your cargo based on his previous rating and not just that. You can also track your shipment while it is on the move. This ensures maximum security of your cargo, hence the perfect shipping service.


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    BitNautic is a Decentralized Shipping and Cargo platform based on Blockchain Technology.

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