Maritime Industry: Why BitNautic is Better Than its Competitors?

Sep 4 · 2 min read

Since its introduction, the shipping industry has grown impressively. Shipping is the most convenient and affordable way to move your cargo from one place to another. Over the years, the need for shipment has increased with an increase in the demand for imports and exports. Producers too use sea-route as the first choice for their product cargo, and this requires the shipping industry to be as updated and revolutionized as possible.

BitNautic came up with the blockchain solutions for the shipping industry, making it faster, reliable, and more secure than ever. Shipowners and carriers can list their ship on the platform and maintain the ship’s availability. It makes shipment more secure by offering you to track your cargo when it’s on the move.

BitNautic, however, has some competitors in this market offering similar services such as cargocoin and several more. It and others also offer crypto services but have been absent lately. BitNautic is listed on Coinbene which is ranked the 4th best crypto exchanges adding to its significance.

BitNautic’s social media is very active compared to its many competitors who haven’t updated for couple of months resulting in lack of information for investors and users. You can grasp another basic aspect of advancement. BitNautic’s beta phase is up and running, whereas other industry players are not yet operational and seem running far behind schedule. Even the telegram groups of these platforms share a very similar story. Take an example of Cargocoin and you will observe BitNautic’s group is vivacious with constant discussions while Cargocoin’s is highly inactive and stacked with fake accounts.

These small differences add up to show how professional and honest BitNautic is working towards its growth. The constant update means that Bitnautic is working to improve every day to serve users with the best possible experience.


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    BitNautic is a Decentralized Shipping and Cargo platform based on Blockchain Technology.

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