The Last Caesar Has Issued The First Sovereign Crypto

Our beloved readers! We are begging you to pardon us and have a lil bit of patience. We want to introduce you a truly unique person. His title is so important that we just couldn’t leave out anything and had to include it here in its full glory.

Vincenzo David Siniscalchi di Sarausa, alias His Majesty Don Vincenzo Davide I (Siniscalchi di Saraùsa), the sovereign prince of Saint Stephen, is the 212 august successor by the right of blood of the Holy Emperor Constantine (306–337), who received the name of the Equal-to-the-Apostles from the Church, and in the world history the name of the Great.
Don Vincenzo Davide I is the fully legitimate heir of the last dynasty of the emperors of Byzantium Paleologes (Greek Παλαιολόγοι). By education, a lawyer specializing in finance, Mr. Siniscalchi, who belongs to an ancient Italian aristocratic family rooted in Ancient Rome, resided in Washington and held US citizenship.

One day everything changed: an American financier and a lawyer with a brilliant career, renounced US citizenship, abandoned private practice and moved to Italy, where since 1457 (after the fall of Constantinople and the seizure of the Byzantine Empire by the Turks) his dynasty lived. This happened after his predecessor on the throne of the Byzantine Caesars, Don Francesco Maria Mariano d’Otranto, abdicated in his favor.

As the successor of the Holy Emperor Constantine the Great, he was recognized as the universal right (universum jus) for the inheritance of the Byzantine emperor.
At present, two states, Paraguay and Brazil, recognized the sovereign rights of His Majesty Don Vincenzo Davide I (Siniscalchi di Saraùsa), who renounced the name “Roman Empire”, transforming it into the Principality of St. Stephen, in honor of the first patron of the Holy Roman Empire.

Paraguay transferred part of its own territory, renouncing all rights to it, to the heir to the Byzantine emperors, for the territorial organization of the Principality of St. Stephen, recognizing its sovereignty. While Brazil, also recognizing the sovereignty of the Principality, allowed to open in its capital a special mission to the government of this country, recognizing its diplomatic status.

In the nearest future the Principality of St. Stephen will enter as a subject of international law in Mercosur (Mercado Comu’n del Cono Sur — MERCOSUR), a subregional trade and economic union that includes Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Associate members are Bolivia and Chile.

The Principality of St. Stephen issued two currencies: the traditional one — the lira of St. Stephen, — and the Atm Coin cryptocurrency. The latter is the first sovereign cryptocurrency in the world, since it is the official currency of the state — the subject of international law. At present, the exchange rate of Atm Coin is $ 4.

His Majesty Don Vincenzo Davide I (Siniscalchi di Saraùsa) through his own cryptocurrency intends to fundamentally change the entire world economy, currently based on debt and credit policy. He bases his financial and economic policy on investments: investments in business, professional work, production of goods and services.

He is ready to pay wages in advance for all lifwelong work activity to a professional employee, retaining the right to control his labor activity, and indicating the expenditure item in the budget as “investment.” He also opened his own stock exchange cryptocurrency, SCDexchange, already ranked 20th in the world classification for capitalization.

His Majesty Don Vincenzo Davide I (Siniscalchi di Saraùsa) stated that the assets of his principality today are equivalent to 300 trillion US dollars, while the aggregate sovereign debts of states on a global scale amounted to 244 trillion US dollars at the end of 2017.
The successor of Constantine the Great is ready to repay all world debts if the debtor states join their financial and economic system, retaining only political sovereignty.