Contact: Darren Camas


Shanghai, August 10, 2015.

BitNexo revolutionizing cross border payment for SMBs through Bitcoin technology.

Small and medium businesses account for $2 trillion in cross border commerce each year, yet pay the highest transfer fees compared to larger institutions. SMBs often lack access to advanced financial…

Last friday, June 12th, we won the Shanghai selection for the next Seedstars World competition!!

We pitched among 12 of top startups in Shanghai, in front of an audience with students and fellow entrepreneurs in the New York University Shanghai Campus

Darren holding our plane ticket!

Winning this stage means we have our plane tickets and reservations for the finals, to be held in Switzerland next March. We’ll be taking the stage with top entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries.

Shanghai was just the third city to host this contest from more than 50 cities in the world, so the final event is going to be a unique opportunity to meet people and learn about amazing startups from every continent. We hope to see you guys again in the Santiago event, on November 6th!

Follow us in!

This is a sequel to the GOAT Part I article

Chat with Wu Hai, CEO of Orange Hotel

Wu Hai talking to the Chinaccelerator crew

We had the distinct pleasure of a private audience with Wu Hai, who shared his experience in the hospitality industry. From attempts, failures, issues with investors, to success, we were able to…


BitNexo is a financial consultancy which provides software services related to digital payments and transfers. We operate in Asia and Latin America

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