Dear users of the Bitniex cryptocurrency exchange!

Over the past day, we have received a colossal number of requests for refunds and withdrawals of funds that were sent to unknown wallets of fake communities engaged in fraudulent activities on our behalf.

Bitniex has the following official pages, which will never require you to transfer fiat or digital assets:






We have nothing to do with the clones of the communities in the telegram, nor the people who lead them. In case you are faced with such, we ask you to immediately send a report to the scam fakes.

We also remind you about the security of your accounts and how to protect yourself from phishing in our Zendesk knowledge base:



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The Bitniex Change Log is an overview of all performance and UI changes made to the Bitniex trading platform.


Major Changes

  • Solved an issue with exporting reports from My Orders tab
  • Added the option to export withdrawal whitelist addresses in csv format
  • Fixed a visual bug on My Orders and Trades widget

Minor Changes

  • Bug fixes

Spot Trading

This type of trading occurs in the spot market at the current price. When you are engaged in spot trading, you make a deal at an affordable bid and ask price, which is requested by other market participants. To complete a trade, you need to have available assets to pay for the trade by the settlement date.

For example, if you are going to make a purchase of BTC in the amount of $1,500, then you must make a deposit by the date of settlement of at least the specified amount. …



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