What is the Bitniex?

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Today we decided to introduce you closer to our exchange. We will talk about why Bitniex is convenient to use, what features are available to users, and also talk about our privacy policy and commissions.

About us

Bitniex exchange was founded by NIEX LLC. Our mission is to achieve financial freedom by spreading the use of cryptocurrency.

Bitniex — it’s an extraordinary trading experience.

What we do:

  • empowering investors
  • supporting institutions

It’s really convenient to use our platform because it`s available at any time. We have a great mobile app available for IOS and Android. You can get easy access to the secure digital financial service.


Our Bitniex exchange allows users to create Market and Limit Orders for the sell/buy of the desired coin/token.

For your convenience, all your transactions are collected in one place. You can see the history of operations in your personal account. Visually convenient Order Book is another advantage of our exchange.


The convenience of using Bitniex exchange lies in the low Deposit and Withdrawal limits, as well as in the same commissions for Limit and Market. VIP users will be able to save significantly on commissions, as they will be lower.

Privacy Policy

We take care of the security of our clients data and their electronic money stored on our exchange in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Regulation.

The client can pass KYC verification for greater protection and convenience of solving various situations by the support service.

Also, Bitniex exchange users can pass the two-factor authentication procedure, which will significantly increase the protection of their Account. Read all the details on our Bitniex Zendesk page.

Bitniex — Unique Solutions of Exchanging Services https://bitniex.com

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