Steps to add custom Bitron Coin(BTO) token into your wallet

Below, we’ll teach you how to add custom BTO token into your wallet.

How to add custom BTO token into MetaMask:

1. Open the MetaMask Chrome add-on and click the “TOKENS” tab and then “ADD TOKEN” button.

2. Enter the value of Token Contract address as 0xa550A7980f856D5F9Dd0a8c405e8736223f0b44a, Token Symbol as “BTO”, Decimals of Precision as 9 and click on button “Add”.

3. You will be able to see final number of BTO for the Ethers you contributed immediately after the transactions is successful to the Smart Contract address.

How to add custom BTN token into MyEtherWallet: 
1. Go to and click “Send Ether & Tokens” on the top menu.

2. Make sure the correct account is selected in Chrome MetaMask add-on.

3. Select “Metamask/Mist” for accessing the wallet.

4. Click “Connect to MetaMask”.

5. Click on “Add Custom Token” button

6. Enter contract Address as 0xa550A7980f856D5F9Dd0a8c405e8736223f0b44a

7. Enter Token Symbol as “BTO

8. Enter Decimals as “9” and click “Save

9. You will be able to see the custom BTN token added to you MyEtherWallet