Bit Paradise: Cryptocurrency Meets Casino Game

Using the game meta, a unique platform, Bit Paradise was created as a cryptographic exchange platform for digital currency enthusiasts and casino game players. With its buyback policy, the exchange transactions revenue in the BPD is completely used. More so, whatever returns you get while playing games on the platform will be given back to you via the platform’s BET coin.

If you have been receiving returns while playing casino stakes, rest assured that you are entitled to such returns on this platform as well.

Bit Paradise Directions

Those who are familiar with the cryptocurrency exchange market will agree that the market is already saturated as more and more exchanges are set up without relenting. Thus, BPD is moved to find out what an exchange needs to be generally acceptable by the cryptocurrency community. During the course of the research, the exchange found real answers by observing credible and popular casinos in the world.

From a humble beginning in Singapore where the foundation for this global exchange was laid, the exchange platform has grown into a formidable force through its safe ecosystem that promises profitability to individuals who uses the platform. It hopes to achieve this via its casino meta and ensure that the token’s value is sustained.

Bit Paradise is doing everything possible to be a household name. it has extended its operations to some South and Latin American countries like Argentina where some banking operations are done with cryptocurrency. In some Asian countries such as China and Korea, digital currencies have been adopted for banking purposes as well.

The exchange hopes to include eight more countries in its list of operations so that its impact can be felt around the world, making it easier for the exchange platform to achieve its goal of meeting customers’ needs and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Bit Paradise Token Reward System

When you conduct transactions on this exchange, rest assured that your transaction fee can still be yours. The exchange has a reward system — Token Reward System- that guarantees this. Through this system, you will have your transaction fee transferred back to you swiftly.

You can also take advantage of the income-sharing system and the exchange transactions revenue offered by the exchange, both innovations in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. You are also assured of your revenue growth while using the exchange.

Other rewards you can get from the platform include the 30% exchange transaction revenue and the 100% buyback income you will get from games that you play on the platform. There is also half of your dividend on BPD’s BET coin and other rewards from lotto/jackpot operations.

While operating as an equity coin, BET coin will allow your dividend to keep increasing, depending on the value of the BPD coin.

BET Coin

BDP developed this coin to give its users a coin specifically designed for the platform alone. This coin can be used by gamers on the exchange platform to play some of the games supported by the exchange itself. You are entitled to half of the income you make from games you play on the exchange if you hold some BET coin. The price of this coin doesn’t change, that’s a sign of its stability.

Unit Plan for the Token

We are offering 500 Million units of our token to the public. 70% of the token will be for trading mining while the foundation team will have 20%. Furthermore, 5% of the token is allocated to our Partner and advisers. Additionally, marketing purposes are allocated 5%.

Presently, the total value of the presale price is $0.02. The exchange has plans to dispose of both unused and unsold tokens later.

BET Coin

BET coin is the exchange’s personal digital currency that can be used to play games on the platform and reap a maximum profit while at it.

After making transactions, there will be some left over digital currencies. These will give you amusement and pleasure and whatever profit from such games will be given back to you through BPD’s Token Reward System, its profit-sharing system.

In addition to the dice game it currently offers its users, Bit Paradise also provides a couple of other games such as Go-stops, Power balls, Horse Racing, and some other games. In the future, the exchange is determined to offer more games in order to ensure that its users will never have a reason to go out of options but rather, to enable them to have several options to choose from and increase their chances of earning attractive rewards from the platform.

The games, according to the exchange, will be fun and enjoyable so that players will get value for their time.

In order to add some elements of legality to the platform and games offered, Bit Paradise takes legal advice from reputable organizations across the world.

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