… and we’re off!

The team here at 30 Parallel Games is so excited to launch BitPonies, our company’s first major title, to the blockchain-loving and learning public. We chose this interesting and unique form of gaming because of its potential for education, and the supportive community that surrounds crypto-collecting as a whole.

Get started here: http://bitponies.com

Launch day (that’s today!) is a fantastic time to score one-of-a-kind Gen 0 Ponies. They’re limited in number, so you’ll want to grab them now to acquire traits that won’t be available in the future! You’ll want to get them now, too — because our team is working on building a racing mechanism that will put all of these traits to the test, both known and hidden! Combinations are set to vary so widely that even the most nimble of BitPonies will eventually meet their match, and with enough community sleuthing, players can discover the things they need ahead of time to prepare for it.

With a hefty chunk of traits ready to breed out (and plenty of hidden traits for you to discover by siring new BitPonies) there is so much to discover as the game grows. Our team of dev-jockeys are working around the clock to create even more, and we can’t wait to get the community involved in the future!

Speaking of the community, our Discord server is officially live for players who would like to discuss the game and chat with our dev team. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

We’re so excited for what the future of BitPonies will bring, and we’re glad to see you saddling up with us. Let’s ride!